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    October 2014
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My Birthday is this month….

and the sad thing is…

i dont have friends here

yes i have TinMan, my lovely ex who i still adore to bits and see as often as i can

i have my clown, a lover but i refuse to have a relationship

there are other men i could see but… they are just sex, it is empty, some friendship but still…so empty

i know people in france

good people

but so few i can really be myself with

which is why i say i dont have friends here

doesnt help that i have a house empty of creature comforts… like a couch and tv or sound system

how does one entertain INSIDE when it is like you are camping

how am i supposed to relax and be me when my envoironment doesnt yet reflect me

and i have no money to go out

so my birthday is this month

i will be 35

sucks being so far from people that love you and like you and know who you really are

hurts to be in a different world, or close enough to that feeling… to reach out to people but only have a sort of connection that never feels solid

worse that fair weather friends


so… that is my latest update

sorry if there are splling errors.. had to uninstall and reinstall google chrome and now it says everything i write is wrong… i think it is selected to french haha

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