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message to @DavidBowieReal

note… i have been following (over the last few hours) the posts on screenrant.com about the idea of a sequel to the movie labyrinth, i have already posted one blog on how i feel about this and made comments on the messages of others… i want it..

from there i have left a message on the jim henson company page via facebook… i want in on their team.. to join the think tank and help imagine the wonder, create the ideas that help inspire them to realize the magic that i know they are capable of bringing to life

but that brought me back to the most important part.. bowie… he is needed, he is vital to all that the original film was and what a sequel needs to be… and that made me think of who he is as a man… thus this letter…

as a child, your music and voice was always floating through the air, making me enjoy the hour long drive to school before the sun came up or helping lazy sundays seem to come alive

when i saw you in labyrinth… oh my… your eyes, the way your body language spoke, all of it made me curious..

granted i was maybe 8 at the time but the dynamics between the two characters and the energy and acting skills you both brought to the roles…

ahhh that spoke to me i had always been precocious, paying attention to what others missed.. 8 was my number but not who i was and when all the other girls went “ohhhh what HAS he got in his pants!!!”

i already knew…the human body is art and my home was full of art books…

but at the time, your pants held no interest for me oh…. but as i said above, the dynamics between the two characters!

now that was something which tickled at the back of my brain!

how could you get away with saying “just fear me, love me, do as i say…”

being the dominant and yet slide back to “and i will be your slave”

i also grew up listing to the cure… to this day i still grin at master and servant…

my point is…

your role.. the adult you who entered my childish world…

you and that character inspired me to think, to grow, to question you brought many things into my world and i thank you for it

you continue to do so, my 17yr old son loved the video for “the stars (are out tonight)” and he is going into fashion design to help create more designs for men.. a bit of a hatter as well

please.. keep doing what you do, being who you are and gracing us with an aspect of your life and passion…

your music/voice and your acting

please… if there is a sequel to labyrinth…

be our goblin king once again

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