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could it be true! a sequel to #Labyrinth

note.. a dear friend posted on facebook that he heard there was talk of a sequel being made of the film Labyrinth… i pounced on this idea and went hunting for more details… below is the random words that poured from within and were posted as a comment… of course i had to share it here as well

i really hope the jim henson company create a sequel and make it with as much care as the first, wit the same passion for telling a good story from multiple perspectives… 

this needs to happen!

when the movie came out on VHS i must have watched it 100 times within the first 3 months!

the dialog made me think, the “omg what has he got in his pants!” aspect never did much for me as i already knew at a young age about the human body (parenting done right with lots of art books at the ready)… but what made me question and keep questioning was the subtlety.. something i just couldn’t grasp!

i was the odd child growing up on monty python (flying circus as well as the films), dr who and the normal sesame street, reading rainbow, thundercats, voltron, gummy bears combination.. i recognized something in labyrinth that i couldn’t place until many years later! i already “knew” david bowie as music was another art that was always at the ready

but what i learned, what made me question was the dynamics between everyone…mainly sarah and jareth.. it continued my search into the mind, the way personalities flow and what makes people special…as individuals, couples or a group..

what really pulled at my soul was a sort of domination and submission…

most people will miss this and can now read my words….go back and say…whoa! how did i miss it!!

but there was this “just fear me, love me, do as i say and i will be your slave” vs “you have no power over me” … my young mind boggled at that and i wanted more!

not interested in sex or the tension of male/female lust… no it was the mental stimulation! the mind games with softness and power, depth and meaning, contradiction that some how made sense and then trying to understand… how much is the character/writing vs how much is david bowie

reading his facial expressions.. even before the age of 10 i wanted to understand what i was seeing that even the adults around me failed to witness

kind of like going into any “kids” film and having jokes thrown in to help ease the “suffering” of the adults stuck in the audience.. the “oh don’t worry, you will get it when you’re older” kind of humor and situations…

again, being the odd child watching with enthusiasm.. i love lucy, dick van dyke, mary tyler moore, mash, abfab, faulty towers and so many others that had real thought put into their writing! real dialog that made you stop and go… “yes! this is entertainment!” .. ahhh the marx brothers!

but all of that seems gone from our viewing “diet”…

we now have “junkfood” for the soul with stupidity like the kardashians or the extreme with the newest fad of the 50 shades of how we can portray horrible writing, bad fan fiction and emotional/mental/physical abuse as a disguised attempt at understanding bdsm…

or simply taking a great film and remaking it with more magic, sexy bodies and ruining the reason the movie was wonderful in the first place… clash of the titans and 300 come to mind… i wont even get started on how they mutilated percy jackson…

and seriously folks!!!! why oh WHY is there no film/set of films based off the series “the death gate cycle” by margaret weis and tracy hickman!


so… my point…

labyrinth helped inspire me to think, to be more, to ask questions and believe in magic in one form or another… i like who i am and i love that i can see how this movie helped encourage me to be myself

all i ask is that they put in the same heart and soul into this sequel as with the first movie

.. i rarely pay to go to the cinema anymore… (american) living in france, the movies are awful if you don’t have them in original version and most are not worth my time to leave home…

but this … i want this

i want new lines to burn into my memory, new music to sing with and more magic to leave me dreaming…

the magic isn’t just mine but belongs to the next generation as well…

my 17yr old is going to school for fashion design, learning to dream up costumes and make them a reality

my 13yr old loves the sarcasm and wit in a well told story, the darkness that is there but not always bad

my 7yr old wanting that magic… the crystal balls which seem to dance

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