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needing some help

so… i am feeling frustrated and not trying to let it get to me or make me panic…not easy but i am getting better at it…

i have eaten through all the money i have … or damn close (either help from my mom or inheritance from one of my grandmothers)

the government help is slowly kicking in, as usual.. and i am still finding out (little by little) what i qualify for, though this is a bitch because i dont know the french system and it isnt like they keep a list of what people need and hen offer the list to the public

i have a social worker helping me but that too is slow and doesnt do much for me because of the language issue and the cultural differences

there is also a decision of some kind that should be happening in november and it is involving my divorce but i have no idea what that means because my lawyer speaks the dreaded LAWYER language, as if normal technical french wasnt enough of an issue

no idea if it is about my kids or the house or what… *le sigh*

so… because of catch 22s i cant set up a “go fund me” account (or similar) until after the divorce or he will try to claim part of the money and i just don’t need that type of bs

i know a lot of you cant help because you are far away and that is fine

WHAT I AM ASKING help for…and please pay attention because i tend to get bitchy when people try to focus on other bits and then they get bitchy when i dont use their advice which had nothing to do with what i needed in the first place…

so what i need

is a job

either online shit i can do from home with no SERIOUS qualifications
or something i can do in the uk, where i can use ryanair to fly up for a few days when i dont have the kids

so…. yeah… help would be nice

i am more qualified for retail (10yrs exp plus management) and waitressing

i can legally work in europe or the uk/similar areas

i have handicap worker status but that also means i cant work all the time…then again with trying to gain custody of my kids and having my 17yr old live with me…i cant work full time away from home

i am willing to start escorting but that would only be in the uk where the language problems are less and i have good people to keep me safe and healthy

i am willing to be a cam girl again or similar ideas but i need better sites to join or advice on payment methods and such

i will do just about anything to keep myself above water and regain control of my life, gain custody of my kids and offer them a better life…. they are my priority

and i seriously hate the fact that my “husband” has driven me to the point where i have to do this, be this… any of it

he made promises and he broke them and now i have to fight to survive and it is tiring and scary

so yeah… this is me

this is my life

let me know if you can help

but please pay attention to what i have said

i realllly dont want to have to bitch at someone for telling me something i already know and cant do as stated above

2 Responses

  1. could talk to zoe victoria (check her on my face book friends) she does cam girl stuff and probably has contacts for escort stuff potentially. good resource there.

    • i will think about that
      thank you

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