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how others see me, short cartoon/video

friend posted this on my timeline in facebook, thinking of me hahah
its about half true

i can seduce men into doing things the way she does but far too often it’s like…
oh just get out of my way i am a pirate wench and i will do it myself haha

i have always been so used to not being able to count on anyone that i just try to get things done for myself
be it sexual or not

i think part of this video touches me because i need to remember to find people that are willing to be in my life to help make me happy

ha, yeah, i see the video with a slight skew that others wont

random goat humor

so a friend posted a cute image in a group i visit on facebook

said something like

“lights out, goat fucker”

it got me giggling and reminded me that

according to the chinese zodiac i am a goat

which might explain my fetish for men in kilts
ok lesbians too *mega blushing*

and the fact that on average, the best sex i have had has been by guys who are full blood or partial scotsmen

so… bring it 😉

make love to me in the smallest of ways

right now i would love to sit in your lap
my dress high around my thighs
your cock pulled out of your pants and sliding into me
my back to your chest
your arms around me
your face in my hair
and me gently rocking my hips to seduce you
slowly making love to you
getting you harder as you feel me get wetter
reaching down and caressing your balls

i want you to make love to me
taking your time
not because you love me
not because you need me
just because we can do this
because we can enjoy it
because we are here and now

no hard fast fuck before someone sees us
no dirty little slut play
no forgetting that i have needs too



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