Health and the positive side of #CoconutOil

note: I posted this on facebook… but I am adding it here and will probly add it to fetlife as well



ok, i am going to see how many people pay attention to my status…

and no this isnt a spam one


a lot of you have health issues and all of you that (actually pay attention and) know me remember that i suffer from really bad health issues


last year i had a brain scan and the neurologist saw some stuff, i started taking a medication to help get more blood flow to my brain…

the down side of that medication was that it sent my (already raising heart) into over drive and i was suffering very badly

even to the point of saying that sex could literally kill me… you all know my love of sex and kink… but more importantly, sex is an exercise and if exercising would stress my heart so easily… i was scared

i stopped the meds in spetember last year when i was pregnant… it caused me to start to miscarry and i had to make sure that there were no surprises because the medication was toxic to new life


so… even though i have been off the medication, my heart has still been damaged


for the upside….


i started taking coconut oil, just taking it, not cooking with it or adding it to foods… literally eating a teaspoonful or two a day

i did that for more than a week straight and then stopped for a week and then started again… i have upped my dose to at least two tablespoons a day

it has been a lil over a month and my heart is damn near normal, i am not having random pains or having it seriously stress out over the smallest activity



for all of my friends suffering from all kinds of health issues…. look into coconut oil, i wouldn’t say this for nothing and there are some of you i really worry about

and yes… it is safe for newborns


i know some of you get annoyed with “omg take this, try that, read this!” kind of messages… but i love you people and this HELPED me and i still have a long road to go for the rest of my health issues


The Coconut Oil Miracle, 5th Edition

by Bruce Fife


you can also check out this link before you decide to buy the book or not, it contains a lot of information on the positive side of coconut oil


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