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Humor & Disappointment #SinfulSunday

I haven’t been in the mood to write lately

I haven’t even celebrated the 2yr anniversary of when

I started my blog but I have started to participate more often in the Sinful Sunday Meme by Molly

Sinful Sunday


This Sunday is one of the ever changing Themes

It is always about the picture, the image but this time the image has to do with

“All about the men. Men, male, masculine…. show me what those words mean to you”

I don’t know what it means to me

I want to think of so many positives, so many dreams and wishes of what I think a man is…

Be they born that gender, feeling that gender or learning and growing into what it is like to be

“a real man” or “a man’s man”

Whatever those mean..


….. (mmmm the scent of a man) Image


Tonight I am feeling humor and disappointment

I love that I was able to excite TinMan enough today that we had sex 3 times

It was fun and there was passion and some was even naughty

but I am greedy and it is never enough


So here comes the disappointment…

He has a great day of sex and laughs and happiness…


All I wanted were some chips… Image


Not many..

Just a few!

I have been GOOOOOD dammit!

Eating healthy for soooooo long!!

(yes he does cook..about half the time) Image


I have been eating 3 meals a day while the kids have been with us and I feel full

I don’t want REAL food

I just want something to nibble before bed

I want FLAVOR!!!!!!


He half chases me around the house and wont let me have them

Finally I settle on having soup Image


but it’s not what I wannnnnnnnt!!!

I am doing the “I have to pee” dance as I type this!!

He is not my Dom..

Why am I obeying him?!!

Partly because it is funny…


but seeing the post by Bawdy Bloke “Sinful Sunday: A good man” …

I realize that I have my ideas on what “Men, male, masculine” means to me Image

(I saw this in the store months ago and i could not stop laughing! Look I can buy my perfect man! I was in hysterics over it, long story and joke for another blog)


but no… i have soup and no chips and a toy haha Image


Dreams and things I wont have in this lifetime

So… me and my toy are gonna cuddle and dream cause he seems more of a real man to me and I know He wont care if I eat a few chips!

Not sure he can bring me to orgasm but very few man can anyway so not really an issue haha


I love my TinMan

He is a good man…


but I am a real pain in the ass to please


18 Responses

  1. Haha… great story you weave there with the pictures 🙂
    A sense of humour makes all the difference…

    ~Kazi xxx

    • humor is my medication…
      i would drink or do drugs but i already suffer ditziness and hangovers from being sober haha

  2. Such a bittersweet post but I love the humour and imagary held within it.

    ~Mia~ xx

    • bitter…sweet… damn!! i should have had chocolate instead of soup!! haha 😉

  3. There is something deeply moving about this post, mixed in with the disappointment. Great pics also and, maybe, a ray of hope? Hang in there. 🙂

    • honestly… only ray of hope i have is for me to never date again, forget any dreams i have and just enjoy what and who comes my way

      • I forgot my dreams for a few years, way back. I’m 53 now, and discovered a couple of years ago that they are worth resurrecting – along with new ones. I wish you well.

      • problem is that i refuse to settle and i know my value… very easy to find people i can help, love and or give pleasure to… but so hard to find my equal

      • Ah, yes. I was 42 before I found my equal. I settled for ‘good enough’ for 20 years. It wasn’t her fault – she wasn’t a bad person. Long story. But, anyway, I have certainly found my equal now. It was so worth the wait.

      • i hate waiting.. but i can relate

  4. What a great post, you have mixed your disappointment and frustration in with humour, telling a story along the way. I love the pictures with the toy man but the final one of the Tin man is full of atmosphere. His stubble the jaw line looks so very sexy


    • he is a very attractive man, so sweet and shy.. he has his wild side but i rarely see it and i am trying to bring it out more

  5. this is very nice, the pictures and your definitions, like an adult picture book!

    • hahah i like that idea… adult picture book… could be fun to make more

      • do it!

      • hahah could be fun.. now i just need a topic

      • hmmm…a naughty one obviously!;)

      • hahah but of course…
        i will think on this

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