Tasty food & plotting

This past week has been pretty much innocent

Because of the separation and pending divorce, I get the kids for half the vacation and that means… I have to behave and plot instead of act out my plotting…


So instead I did the other thing I do well… cooking

Or in this case, baking… the recipe book calls it a “crown loaf”

ha…when do i ever really follow a recipe …

What I made was gobbled up quick as can be and I decided to make more




Tonight my two younger boys are with their “father” and only my 16yr old is in the house… ahh the calm

I started with the basic idea in mind and then revamped it

The normal things, flour, egg, butter, salt, yeast, warm milk… but then I added cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and …after mixing… left it in front of the fire to rise

It has doubled in size and I am about to roll the dough out and add the filling

More butter, brown sugar, vanilla, caramel syrup, chocolate chips and raisins… I will add an egg to help bind it all together better

I should get to making that filling, mix it up while I have the time and my son is still awake

Because as soon as the room is free and I can play…

The idea of adding something tasty to this blog is making me excited

So many options but I still have to wait…

So I type and plot while I wait…


3 Responses

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  2. I really want to taste that. *whimper*

    • just wait till i finish the second batch i am baking …and of course what pics i will take for sinful sunday *giggles madly*

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