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Ragnorok fail #SacvengerHunt #SinfulSunday

Note: please remember that Sinful Sunday is all about the image and you should click on the button below to see others who are also posting to the Sinful Sunday Meme

Sinful Sunday

They said the end of the world was nigh and that it would happen… once again… 

There have been many cultures, including the electronic age of Y2K and they have all fizzled out and been nothing but a point in our history that makes us doubt prophesies

This weekend was another that said the world would end Saturday the 22nd of February, 2014

And yet I am still here

In honor of the Vikings and their fear that Ragnarok was near …



I went to a local dolman and posed for the camera

I am feeling a bit like a Celtic maiden

I just need a big bad Viking to … plunder… me



Here is one of the many articles you can find about the so called end of the world according to the Vikings



Now, I do admit I am a huge fan or Norse Mythology and grew up loving the old stories, in part because of my hair and how I felt more at home with their culture than my own

Being that I am an American Mutt, my genealogy is a grab bag of many cultures and the mythology from Native Americans, Africans, all over the Orient and well… Hecate has always been on the back of my mind

Honestly, I have always loved myths, legends, magic and mystery

Though I am glad the world has not come to an end

31 Responses

  1. Spectacular!

    • Hoping to head back there at some point to recreate these pictures

      I’ve done good at slimming down and want to show the changes

  2. […] As you can see from my post in the #SinfulSunday meme … My blog entry “Ragnorok Fail” https://lilmissshalla.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/ragnorok-fail-sacvengerhunt-sinfulsunday/ […]

  3. LOVE love the location- great place for a shoot!!

    • i need to find more places in france
      there are so many
      but if i go to a number of them, even if they dont count for the hunt, it would be magical!

  4. Oh my! These are amazing, Shalla – love the colours and the saturation. What a great location you’ve found, too!

    I’ve updated the SH pages 🙂

    xx Dee

    • yayayayay!!
      so excited!
      have more for later too!


  5. These are super gorgeous. You look breath taking.

    • i want more!!
      i am thinking of doing a hunt for other neolithic sites in my area, i know there are a bunch more


  6. These really do feel EPIC!

    • *blush*

      thank you

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