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I am ok but was in a car accident

note: i sent this to my mom and posted for friends to see, i am an emotional wreck and feeling overwhelmed and alone




i was in an accident this morning
a fucker changed lanes on me in a tight space and that forced me off the road and onto the island in the middle
his car didnt touch me but going on the island caused some minor damage and has freaked the shit out of me
i have had to stay calm all day and fight off the need and desire to let go and panic
the guy says he didnt do anything wrong and no need for me to be upset
he was only going “50” /speed limit
problem is
i was in left lane, he was in right lane at least 2 car lengths behind me as he surged forward to squeeze into my lane and not hit the car in front of me but in his/right lane
if i am rolling at 50 and he is behind me and passes me… 
that means he WASNT going 50
i had the split second decision to break or swerve into the middle island
i knew car behind me would have rearended me if i breaked
and i ended up watching my hub cap go flying as it broke off under the pressed of mounting the curb
my tire is fine but the hub cap is broken and the rim that holds the tire on was bent and i was loosing air in my tire
i took it to the garage and they unbent the rim and had a look to see what might be damaged
i will need to have my steering realigned… AGAIN
and might need to go to the dealer to check the autosteering box thing because of how it is handling
i am ok
bitched the guy out
got his details, fucker wanted to just ignore me and drive off
spent whole day living on stress and the edge of tears

9 Responses

  1. Oh honey I’m so sorry to hear this and glad that you are ok and not physically hurt.

    I had someone run me off the road once and my car was written off so know how shocking it can be.

    Men are crap sometimes at dealing with the emotional side of women. They just don’t know what to do so maybe just talk to your boyfriend and let him know how you are feeling. It may work it may not but at least he will know how he reacts to that is up to him.

    Also have a fucking good cry if you want to! Don’t hold it in. Sometimes you just have to let that emotion out because I bet inside you are feeling very angry at that stupid prat of a man who ran you off the road!

    Love and hugs

    ~Mia~ xx

    • am feeling pissed that men in general seem to feel it is ok to ignore what a woman wants or needs… not speaking of bf though, meaning others… have another blog to vent later about another guy that was a shit

  2. You poor darling!!! I’m so glad to hear that you’re not injured, except for your pride. I know you’ve not had your licence very long, so guess this is your first time…
    Wish I could come over and give you all the sympathy and hugs you need (and are not getting from your clueless bf); you’re only a couple of hours drive for me…
    you are in my thoughts often

    • i have been driving for years, the difference is that i haven’t had a full license for long due to changing countries or using a permit less car

      it honestly was not my pride that was hurt
      it is that i suffer from panic attacks and ptsd from people using and abusing me and making/keeping me a victim

      • I’m ashamed to admit I’d forgotten about those aspects.

        Virtual hugs anyway, seeing as I can’t give you real ones.

  3. *snuggles*

    • i needs them

      *snuggles back*

  4. So glad you’re okay. All it takes is for one fool to cause such chaos. Try to relax with a drink, and remember that you’re still here, which is a true joy.

    • honestly i want to curl up and be held but bf is being clueless and i can’t tell if it is on purpose or a guy thing

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