Taken in the kitchen #SinfulSunday

it’s all about the image, go see what others are doing for sinful sunday!

Sinful Sunday

In the kitchen

No pants of any kind

Still have my shirt and bra

I put on some heels

Typing as he tries not to cum yet

Playing with my clit

Kissing my shoulder

So hard to focus on typing

Moaning as he touches me

I love when he is behind me

His breath across my ear

I want to cum

I love when he moans

Teasing me

No longer in me

Tip just outside

Sliding over me

The wet sounds

His moan

Oh yes

Inside me


Why do you stop

If you cum now

Then we go to the bed top finish me

Mmm a spank!

I love when he speaks french to me


Massaging my breast

Mmm spanking

I don’t want to go slow

It feels good

Can’t keep quiet

Cum for me


Cum for me


Now to bed to take care of my needs

Time for me to cum

With music in my ears

My eyes closed

Toys to stimulate

His passion playing behind my closed eyes

Desires in my mind



wow… i have a big ass hahaha

19 Responses

  1. Love the words as much as the image. It’s a wonderful ass! xx

    • hahah thank you my dear xxx

  2. Yep, you do have a big arse – big and glorious and I want to smoosh myself into it with my own! You look delightful.

    And your words – mmmmm 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. You have a big gorgeous ass! I just want to spank it!

    • ANYTIME!!! 😀


  4. Lovely post AND photo…. In a word: yummy 🙂

    • you are too funny xx

      • I was smiling but it didn’t feel like a humorous feeling..

      • hahah even better!

  5. Sexy photo!

    Rebel xox

    • 🙂

  6. This image is fantastically incredible and shows off what an amazing ass you have.

    xxx Miss July xxx

    • hahah looks like my granny’s italian ass
      i always swore i didnt want to be big like her but…haha life doesnt always go the way you expect when you have kids


  7. Oh Shalla have you the most stunning arse. I love you seeing you back on your blog, you have just a fabulous style


    • trying to write more
      trying to be happy on a regular basis…


  8. Hot, hot hot!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • hahah… he is still too vanilla for my taste but he tries 😀
      i just need to get him some ladies to corrupt him

  9. *fans self* Yummy 😉

    • that boy gets excited and then HAS to do something about it… need to train him to excite me first so we are more balanced haha

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