Let’s make love

i could tell you just to fuck me

but where is the fun in that

so simple a thing

at a time when i want so much more


the look on your face when you see me

the pounding of your heart when you hold me to your chest

the gentle feel of your hands on my skin

oh…. the way our lips touch

tongues flicking


the innocence in a simple kiss

a simple love

at a time when i want so much more


laying in bed

holding each other tight

making out like teens trying to obey the rules

when sex can happen so easily

waiting instead and enjoying the moment for what it is

intimate pleasure


relaxing into each other

trusting and letting go

simple pleasures


we can fuck later

for now

lets make love

3 Responses

  1. […] love to fuck, and making love is a rare mood (at least my interpretation of it). But I really like lilmissshalla’s words, and wanted to make love after reading […]

  2. And now I want to make love, where I normally don’t.

    • *snuggles tight*

      good, i hope you will and let me know the results *grin*

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