Do you want a Holiday card from me? #SmuttHolidayCard

i was thinking…

i normally avoid the holidays and mean well but forget to send cards

for the last few years i haven’t even bothered asking friends or family to send me their information

i just new i wouldn’t send a card

or if i did, meh, digital era! 

spam the family with a picture of me and the kids

ha done, no hassle, no effort really and everyone is happy


but then i got thinking about my blog here

and that i am trying to enjoy the holidays again


i was thinking

would you like a card from me?

the idea of making personal but naughty images and turning them into a holiday card

well… it kind of appeals to me


this is an older image


from 2010 i think and only posted on fetlife …until now

i had fun getting all decked up for the holidays and being naughty


what i have in mind is to make a new picture

turn it into a card and send to those who are interested

now, i am not rich and i normally only sell images ..rarely given as gifts


i was thinking to ask a minimum donation of $5

to cover the cost of creation and shipping (remember i live in far off france)

i have paypal and can easily link up my account here

but i first wanted to know how many would be interested


so… do you want my breasts?

or my pussy?

or maybe something else

what would you like to see, give me some ideas for my naughty holiday card

and let me know if you are interested



lots of love



ps here are two other pictures to tempt and tease you





5 Responses

  1. Wishing I was in France in…… OH, well, thanks for sharing the photos my dear, you are as gorgeous as your words.

    • bah, i am just me
      i have my moments… haha that’s why i don’t post often, i want to try and show the better side 😉

      • If it is better than what you’ve presented by your posts, it must be awesome. This side seems pretty special.

        I hope the holiday seasons brings you many more reasons to smile.

      • so far it is bringing me inspiration

      • That is all that matters…. Keep smiling, we all love inspiration…

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