Dessert #SinfulSunday

sunday started with dessert
spending saturday with my new lover TinMan
having him help me get past all the horrors i have been going through for the past few months
when i looked at the clock i realized that this sunday was going to be sinful
so yes, sunday started at 1am with dessert
the best being struggling to stay awake, cuddling together in his bed, wanting to talk all night
and … other things
i know he deserves words of magic for all he has done for me in the last … really how many hours has it been?
i forget, time is different with him
but i want to post this before time runs out
to show my sinful sunday i kept the pictures to food…
he pampers me, making sure i eat well instead of neglecting myself
what i can’t show you is the long bath together, his hands lovingly massaging my back and shoulders
the both of us getting excited and …well… i had never had sex in the bath haha
shower yes but this was new and reverse cowgirl can be soooo much fun
better when spanks are added in
honestly i cant keep my hands off of him
or my lips
Β Image
he doesnt complain when i slide up to him as he cooks and i slip my hands around to hug him
he doesnt give me a hard time when i want affection and he gives back what i give to him
it has been so long since someone has been this good to me
i admit i am getting addicted
so this sunday, sinful in more ways that i can explain with a time limit and the pictures i have
just say your prayers and help me keep this sin happening more than just on the weekends
missed you all, with this new inspiration i will be posting more

oh…. i …umm..haha

forgot to mention the real sin

i sort of introduced TinMan to the blogs of Rose (Β http://www.sexwithrose.comΒ ) and our dear friend Molly

getting out of bed, installing ourselves in his office, myself on my knees with a soft pillow and giving him a long, loving blowjob as he looked over pictures and did his very best to understand the english writing…

thank you ladies for an amazing day *evil grin*

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it is all about the image

Sinful Sunday

14 Responses

  1. *giggles* Maybe I should throw in some French as well on the blog next then πŸ˜‰ And happy to help πŸ˜‰

    • you are such a naughty lady, he would probly like that though haha

  2. Mmm. I love the ragged edges of that image.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time πŸ™‚

    ~Kazi xxx

    • this is now the 3rd weekend and the first was 36hrs just with him… it will get a blog hhaha

  4. I love the end of this story and I am so happy to see you back on Sinful Sunday…. and sounding happy too!


    • he is good medicine and it isnt that i am corrupting him but i am enjoying the option to let him explore

  5. This a very understated yet very sexy post lilmiss !!! MarQe xx

    • haha, it is just me going… “FUCK!!! TIME LIMIT!!! i actually wanna write this week!”
      if you only knew all the horrible things i have been venting on facebook
      so much pain in a very short time
      it feels good to have someone in my life again, someone that knows what is going on and thinks i am worth treating well

      i owe him a couple of well written blogs, he has inspired me in so many ways

  6. You sound nervous and very happy at the same time. We wish you well.

    • i want to be careful what i say about him
      not too much and not forget anything either
      he is a keeper

  7. This all sounds so much fun with lots of Sinfulness in the mix. I love it!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

    • am hoping for many more sundays

  8. That sounds like a ton of fun πŸ™‚

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