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Painted Toes #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

Let him eat cake…

I have been thinking for months, what should I do for his birthday and what should I make him for a cake!!

My…dog… is on a serious workout program, heavy weights to strengthen his arms, back and chest

Oh and I know he does exercises for his legs but all I can think of is the …umm…haha EXERCISES that we do in bed or the shower or on the couch and how his legs seem weak after ….

Why yes, I am grinning evilly as I type this

Today, we decided, was a good day for me to go to his apartment and celebrate his birthday

Being the good woman that I am, I made two small cakes with ground oats, sesame seeds and two types of flax/lin seeds… why use flour when you can be healthy and creative!

There were other tasty fruits inside and I admit to failing on capturing an image of the cakes

But he was very touched… seems even at the age of 34, he has never had someone other than his mother make him a birthday cake

Seems I give this man a lot of first time experiences!!

As part of my Sinful Sunday… I acted up on his foot fetish  


The following was a lot of fun to take pictures of…

I know I have posted pictures of my new summer shoes but had not been able to wear them for him to see and the wait was priceless

At first he had eyes only for my face and pulled me to his arms but after a long cuddle, he got on his knees to remove my shoes

He almost lost his breath at the site of my toes through the heeled sandals

He begged to keep the shoes on my feet but agreed to let me change into my slip that I wear at his house


He could barely wait to get to satisfy his fetish

The heat has been rising and I loved that he was nude except for the black kitchen apron as he kissed and licked my toes through the shoes


It was hilarious how possessive he was about my feet, not wanting to let go but I want pretty toes!!!


Whimpering a bit… 


He let go and slowly took off my shoes


Everything had to be perfect, he can be a bit OCD about the details and that got me giggling hard

A red pillow on his lap as he tries to paint my toes… first time ever that he was allowed to paint a woman’s toes and oh how he was complaining how he was getting it wrong!! Haha


It was very cute

Then having to wait for the paint to dry was an evil torture

My sin for the day, seriously I should not be having sex, if done wrong I can overheat my brain and suffer dearly….


But how could I resist him, he was so excited after painting my toes


And of course I paid for my sin with a nearly flat tire that hubby had to come rescue me with his air compressor and help me find an air machine


I swear I looked!!!

Went to 4 locations, 2 had air machines but no fucking hoses!!! Ahhh!

Happily the 5th machine was my magic

So tomorrow I buy new tires


Share the magic and don’t forget to share your pictures in next week’s Sinful Sunday

15 Responses

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    […] Read More here: lilmissshalla.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/painted-toes-sinfulsunday/ […]

  2. These pics are priceless. The passion in his eyes is telling.

  3. Lovely photos! The story you tell is so sweet 🙂
    I can so relate… my Sir has a foot fetish too 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • so many possible ways to submit to your Sir… all depends on what and how he enjoys things.
      my dog has discovered i am adorably cute when i giggle and squirm if he tickles me.. the brat!! haha

  4. This is beautiful, I love his overt expression of desire for you and I agree with Dee the 3rd image down is absolutely beautiful, the expression in the eye, the full hug of your feet…. stunning


    • i would love for you to meet him but he isn’t social 😦 he read the blog tonight and saw the pictures, you would think i had given him the most expensive birthday gift in the world

  5. *claps delightedly* Oh what a marvellous post! Loved all the pics, but my absolute favourite is the third – the expression is perfect 🙂

    xx Dee

  6. I would love it if I could get my boyfriend to do my toes! Lovely photos

  7. I especially love the possessive photo! Totally perfect.

  8. YAY! What fun to have someone work so long on your feet. He appears to have done a great job 🙂

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