An artist inspired me #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

Note: I would just like to say that since this is not a picture of me or taken by me but a piece of art that touched me, I am fine with not being a contender for the win… but I wanted to share with all of you

To the artist, I am not reprinting your image in any way, I am sharing how I feel based off of your beautiful art and will repost this in your guest book to make sure all credit is given to you the artist


Molly says that Sinful Sunday is all about the picture but for me, words are always what end up flowing before my eyes even as I look at the picture… inspiration

I have not been sinful this Sunday

I even forgot it was Sunday

So much pain has been going through my days to help me forget the time that is passing

But I saw Molly post her sins….

Beautiful collar

Beautiful picture

As always beautiful woman

It had been a normal boring night like any other

But then I saw it on Facebook

This image that called to me

It is not mine

It is not of me

It is not my lover

And yet

It is

The conversation flowed as such…

An organic flow

. . .

She sent me the image without a note

I replied


I don’t know who he is but he says

 “I dunno, this confuses me. It’s nice, but I dunno something about it prevents me saying “OMG I LOVE IT!””

The words flew out of me without thought

“ I flow into you, so that you flow into me… your love gives me strength and value when I need it, so when you need me… i will be there for you”

He replies

“k That helps alot xD”

And that made me feel like I needed to explain

“it is a lot like me and my lover…. I am a very strong woman and have been forced to carry a lot on my shoulders and I CHOOSE to carry more to help friends and strangers…

once in a while I need someone to hold me tight and give me strength so I can keep giving to others in need”

. . .

Sometimes you see something that resonates within you

Or you hear something that calls to your core

There will always be something to touch those special that mean so much to you

And some days you have to show others how special

Explain what touches you and why

But that takes courage that not everyone can share

 . . .

The bit of art that touched me is the following

The Love Of Souls

18 x 24 inches

Acrylic on Panel


Copyright A. Andrew Gonzalez. No reprint without permission. All Rights Reserved

 . . . 

17 Responses

  1. Powerful art!

  2. Beautiful indeed.

  3. It’s definitely awe-inspiring.

    ~Kazi xxx

    • mmm yes
      i want to talk to the artist and see if i could have something similar made so i could get it tattooed

  4. It is a beautiful piece if artwork for sure, very powerful. I will let this one slide, my darling Shalla but the rules of Sinful Sunday are that the image must be your own or someone took it for you. The point of that is to encourage creativity and personal expression through this medium. because you wrote about the effect the image had on you I will leave this one but it does have to be a one off otherwise the ethos of the whole meme is challenged.


    • i figured as much but i had to share… i will behave from now on 😉

  5. The image and your words will have meaning someway or other to most people I imagine.
    Thankyou for your kind words about our submission to sinful Sunday. Daz blushed when he sore them lol.

    • keep him blushing
      it is good for his health
      ya know… keeping that blood flow changing locations

  6. It has touched us too. Thank you for finding it.

    • i follow a lot of art groups on facebook and friends follow others, sometimes things just pop up but are worth sharing

  7. What an amazing image. The artist did a great job and you did a fantastic job of explaining how it inspired you 😉

    • it is funny how somethings touch you
      not sure how others see the art
      everyone is different

  8. That is stunning! What a thought provoking piece. Your words suit it perfectly and deepen the experience. Thank you for sharing!

    • aww thank you so much

  9. Wow that is amazing I can see why it touched you so much, god i can’t stop looking at it, its amazing!

  10. Wow. I have no words, none that could ever be as perfect as yours here. I loved the way you interpreted that piece of art. beautiful post. .

    • my brain has been shutting down over the years and since i started writing again…. i swear i find my fingers typing before thoughts enter my consciousness

      the feeling is there first and i recognize it but the words just flow

      *snuggles tight*

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