Nothing better to do so posting bra pictures :)

Yeah I know… but it is late saturday night or early sunday depending on how technical you want to be and I am bored

Had a good week without the whole family around and plotting to see my lover tomorrow for a fun photo shoot for sinful sunday

….but for now… 









so….. whatcha think?

I had fun altering them



12 Responses

  1. love this set.

  2. Wonderful!

  3. nice pics!

    • ooooo i love your avi picture!!!

      • My Master picked that out for me a long time ago. There is a cell phone cover with it on it now…pretty cool!

      • reminds me of some old movies i used to watch

  4. There all arousing!!!!!

    • 🙂 i try

      • Would love to see some ass hehe 😉

      • i need to get my dog to take some pics of me tomorrow 😉

  5. My dear, you can be bored and post your photos any time as far as I am concerned. Very lovely, thank you.

    • *giggles* will do

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