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not my average sunday

Sinful Sunday

note: this is too thoughtful and less picture oriented, will remove from sinful sunday but keeping the blog as i do like it
…and molly has told me to add back the sinful sunday badge…

My Sinful Sunday has started on a Saturday and carried over…

My son has many friends, he is almost 16 and highly social like me

So when he asked last weekend of a friend of his from the boarding school, he goes to during the week, could spend the weekend… ok, details and legal stuff and why not

Turns out said friend is an adorable 18yr old French girl that he isn’t dating (just friends) and doesn’t like to be stuck at home with her parents, understandable

Spending most of the evening talking with her and giggling madly as we all tell stories at the dinner table… I realize… she wants to go to London…

Now, I am a good lady and no cougar, not yet anyway *evil grin* I need to be older than 33 to feel like a cougar

So being the good woman that I am, I acknowledge that at her age I was an adult, my son was then a year old and I was no child…

She is an adult but because I am a good person and not some sick perv, I am willing to watch over her should she go to London and choose to explore

That being said, when she is 20 then I will gladly introduce her to the world of kink and fun and naughtiness!!

There are rules and I follow them, they may not be the same rules as everyone else but I have them and they keep people from getting hurt in my care

So my Sinful Sunday is that I am plotting the corruption (in a fun, safe, sane and consensual way) of my son’s friend…

Just to be clear, she already knew some of my past because my son likes to make sure that people understand I am a safe person to talk to about personal problems and life questions of all natures

The majority of my son’s friends are his age or older (much like me at his age) and some of them are amazingly great people with intelligence, wit and charm

There are also some friends that are dumber than dog shit and need someone to help make sure they learn to think in new ways and grow as people… you can’t change those that don’t want to but you sure as hell can offer them better choices

This young woman is most likely not a virginal innocent but is definitely one of the smarter and geeky (yay! So adorable!!!) people in my son’s life that is very much like some of the wonderful people I have met over the last two years in London

If she is set on going to the UK and exploring, better to go in good company and stay safe while having fun… more so if, as I think she will, wants to go into the kink life style

Hahah maybe it is more her corrupting ME!

Getting me out of my comfort zone as mom/protector and into friend, one day my son will be old enough to go hang out with me… it’s an odd feeling, I still feel too young for this

So maybe that is the real sin lol

I don’t look too old do I? lol


21 Responses

  1. You look like a fruit being at the point of ripeness… you look beautiful.

  2. Nope, not too old, young and lovely! 🙂

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