time for a shower #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

From where I sit, the clock has rolled over and it is now 3am

For some of you in the world, it has been Saint Patrick ’s Day for hours and for others of my friends, you still have a long way to go before Saturday turns into Sunday

The night has always been a comfort to me

Seducing my body with the comforting shadows

Offering a chance for my dreams to become reality

To interest me in a fantasy

Tonight is no different

Bringing my left hand to my face, I still smell my cum on my fingers and I wish you were here to wash them clean

First with your tongue and later in the shower

Sadly you are not here and I am alone… like always

Come Monday morning that will change… at least for a few hours

I have ordered you to be ready for me



I want the door left slightly open so you can hear my heels click as I walk up the path

I want you on your knees like the good dog you are

Waiting to wrap yourself around my feet and show how you have missed me

I am seeing it in my mind, remembering past days together… and nights

Having you slip off my heeled boots

Help strip me naked and head to the shower

I love the feel of your body under the water

I find it funny that you are so gentle when you apply soap to my skin

As if I was a gentle flower

This time I am planning something different

I know you have this stool for the shower and this time I will use it

I want to sit you down under the water

Climb in your lap and slowly frustrate you

You are so much fun to tease and seduce

Your breathing becomes fast like the dog you pretend to be

Your body out of your control as I excite you

Taking in the pleasure I give you like it was a drug

I love that you are addicted to me

I am going to love sitting on your lap

Wet from the water

Wet from you

Taking my time to soap your body, at least the parts I can reach…

I might have to turn around to clean your legs

So many possibilities

Mmm what a pleasant thought to have before falling asleep

Monday can’t come soon enough


37 Responses

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful. And I hope your shower was as wet and fulfilling as you’d hoped.

  2. An amazing marriage of words & image.. And as most have said, they way you’ve edited the image is wonderful..

    Pea ~x~

  3. It looks like a painting! I love it and you have lovely breasts.

  4. That is amazing photoshopping! Would look great on a canvas x

  5. Great photo and post. Hope this morning was as wonderful as you hoped it would be…

  6. That is a lovely image in the shower.

  7. What an amazingly awesome image! Good work with the editing. It looks fabulous.

  8. I love it, the words and the picture fit together perfectly! *dives in your cleavage*

  9. As so many others have already said a stunning picture and very beautiful words.

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