bringing #nipples into your day

a friend of mine on twitter is depressed

i am sure there are other folks out there that are in a funk and i figured i would try and help some of you get out of that winter depression

lets help bring back warm weather and the scantly clad ladies 😉


me, in the shower… the joys of soap 🙂




16 Responses

  1. Not sure how I stumbled upon this post, but I’m glad I did. Thank you for sharing.

    • not sure how you found me either but enjoyed seeing how much you liked my blogs

      it made me giggle a lot

      • Lovely lady, nice to make an older gent dream. Listening to your Boo’s….. the sexy voice I imagined…

      • i like inspiring all ages… though this site is a bit more for the grownups

      • Definitely inspired and appreciated. Thank you… I just bend words, but I like to let one know when they have given inspiration.

      • if my brain hurt less i would try to write more

      • Well, I hope the brain hurt is figurative and not literal, hate to think of anyone in pain. Just glad to get to enjoy what you post and I’ll look forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing yourself…..

      • its literal… i should write an update on my health

      • 😦 sorry. I feel guilty with my thoughts if I know you are in pain.. Hug

      • its cool, i have been ill for 21 out of 33 years, pain isnt anything new in my life. enjoy my words xxx

      • I will.. and the view too…

  2. So perfect for a Tuesday. Nipples are acceptable any day. Keep up the great work.

    • very kind of you 😉

  3. Nipples are good, even for people like me who are not depressed. A pic of you in the shower is always a good thing! Thanks girl…

  4. Great picture

    • glad you like 😉 would you believe i took that picture of myself 🙂

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