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blog rant due to Manti Te’o being in the news

I am so irritated with the stupidity of people

Bad enough everyone gives a damn about having the best fashion or the coolest music or even going green in support of the actors getting screwed over by Hollywood

There are people all over the world, they are on the edge because they can’t get a job, are scared they will lose their job, have health issues that doctors ignore or misdiagnose…

There are people all over the world that will go to bed hungry tonight, there are so many more important issues going on …


But… ya know…

He might be gay… *mock horror* …

*mock excitement* omg this is so exciting! we have to share it with everyone!!!! *eye roll*


Where is all of this coming from and even better… where am I going with all of it…

Well, aside from the fact that I support the idea that E V E R Y O N E should have the same equal rights of the bare minimum to common courtesy, respect and the pursuit of happiness


It personally bothers me that there are people up in arms over “Christian values”, “LGBT rights”, “racial equality” … blah blah blah…


Who gives a fuck… WE ARE HUMAN…. So let’s behave like it and treat others and ourselves with… respect, common courtesy and go chase after some happiness


As long as we forget that we are all human, that we are all the same in that one specific area, then we forget what is important and treat everyone like crap… thus NEEDING to make people feel special and giving them rights that they should already have

It’s all bullshit

We are human, we are all related, we all want to be happy… so why are people wasting time being bigots, fear mongers and instigators of misery   

This isn’t the first time I have felt this way and it won’t be the last… which scares me and makes me angry

Growing up in America I had to deal with all the crap associated with being a redhead, literally having an entire school making fun of me because I was different… yay

Then having to be forced to learn about black history month… this one really pissed me off

Even at a young age I knew that to end segregation, you have to END SEGREGATION!

Giving one month a year to a group of people that happen to have darker skin due to how evolution decided they needed to be based on environment… seriously?

Ok… where is my month? Being that redheads/gingers are such a minority, in part due to being murdered for being potential demon spawn and or having a relation to witch craft… yay ignorance, fear and bigots *head desk*

Or what about the Native Americans… when do we get to learn about them?

Aside from the EXTREMLY minor part that the history books will allow us to read during the involvement of stealing their land and using them during the wars in America… or other wars later on

What about having a month for building awareness about medical issues or mental disorders or maybe we can have a month where everyone learns to bake… can you bake? What about balancing a checkbook… do you even know what those words mean?

We shouldn’t HAVE to have a special time and place for those who are “different”… we shouldn’t HAVE to… but stupid people in power dictate it and other stupid people fight against it, one subject at a time instead of fighting for equality… for all


So, what started my rant today?

The lovely Manti Te’o


I have nothing against him but he is being hunted by the news

A normal event due to the fact that he is young, very attractive, plays for the NFL and thus must be part of the public eye

Oh and that minor detail that people are insecure in their own sexuality and personality… thus concerned that … *gasp in mock horror* …he might be *whispers* …gay


Who the fuck cares?

As my friend put it …

“WHO CARES!?! Can he PLAY? Yes? Then again, WHO CARES!?!”

Of course, being who I am and how I see the world I had to reply back with the following comment…

“Mmmm gay men in sports…. I care… why?

Because some of them are still way more manly than the straight guys and since I can’t have either… I know where my lust and fantasies are going 🙂 ”

As it stands I already enjoy Rugby as my source of porn, most other sports really don’t excite me… it’s the primal nature that gets me stimulated

I really don’t enjoy American football or European football/soccer … ok ok from time to time I will admit to drooling over hockey… usually after I have yelled at the screen and cheered when someone got hit or there was blood…

If past lives really do exist, I was probly one of the blood thirsty people in the crowd at gladiator events… *blush*


Anyway my point being… we are not still 5 years old, playing in the sand box and having to fight off bullies who want to steal our bucket or pour sand on our heads

Grow up people

Grow into better people

Remember we are all human and just want to be happy, so stop being a douche

Stop caring so damn much about your own insecurities and projecting them onto others in the hopes of making them feel like shit, so you can hide your own problems and fears

Grow up

Be better


This is the article that pissed me off, I am sure there are others and I am not going out hunting for them because I like being happy and not wanting to smack people for their stupidity


Te’o Is Gay




5 Responses

  1. The change begins with you. . Heal yourself. There is much suffering and injustice in the world. Compassion needs to be balanced with dispassion. You can have inner balance and peace even in a world of idiots and fools. Get in touch with your inner peace and see the world as it is. We can try to fix it but can’t make that profound change a precondition for our own inner peace…

    • so what you are telling me is to turn a blind eye?
      worry about myself?

      i think we have enough of that in the world already

      • No Shalla. I’m telling you that you can only change yourself. Others will or won’t change, you have no control over that. Reality is just that. Things are as they are. They get better, or worse, or stay the same–you have no control over any of that. But you do have a lot of control over your own reactions and emotions.

      • yes, i can only CHANGE myself
        but i have the choice to help others learn to stop, step back, think and then let them go along their path

        its kind of like stop, drop and roll when someone is on fire

        if you can help someone to learn that there are tools out there to make them better people
        and give them the chance to reach for those tools…

        that isnt changing someone, that is offering them a chance to change themselves, still their call

      • Yes. We are in agreement on this… It’s all good.

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