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how sweet! 1st blog review :)

i love it when i get attention… the good kind anyway lol

i mean mosquitoes and vampires just don’t need to nibble on me *grin* and teenagers laughing at me as i fuck up parking in the parking lot…well they can just park off *giggles*

but yes, i very much love positive attention and today i received some

i talk to a number of people every day and this one lovely gentleman… who proves to have the type of voice and accent that drives me wild, made an audio review of my blogs

not any one specifically but me in general and i found that the sweetest thing ever

i had the page open all day, sound off and avoiding the temptation to click the button

my headphones are all over the house, i have many and some work better than others.. some are also shredded to bits due to my kids deciding to…FIX something 

so i waited and waited and now feel it was very much worth the time that passed

i feel really special.. so thank you kindly 🙂

here is his review

review boo by hutchero



the edge..

note: talking (text) with my dog and trying to explain what the edge is and why i like keeping him there… i like making the effort, maybe that is part of the attraction, lack of words and more communication with actions


the edge: you start out limp, quickly you get excited, you stay excited, you need your desires but you stop, you hold back from the edge.

think you are on a boat and you want to swim, you love the water, you need to dive in, you need to get wet, you get more excited thinking about it and you wait but you dont want to wait and finally you are too excited, too hot and you can’t wait any more

you have to dive in

that is the edge and then falling over the edge


french google version

le bord: vous commencez à mou, rapidement vous excité, vous restez enthousiaste, vous avez besoin de vos désirs, mais vous vous arrêtez, vous tenir en arrière du bord.

pensez que vous êtes sur un bateau et vous souhaitez vous baigner, vous aimez l’eau, vous avez besoin de plonger, vous avez besoin de se mouiller, vous obtenez plus de réflexion excité à ce sujet et que vous attendez, mais vous ne voulez pas attendre et, enfin, vous êtes trop excité, trop chaud et vous ne pouvez pas attendre plus

vous devez plonger dans

qui est le bord, puis tomber sur le bord


note 2: sorry if i get the translations wrong but i make the effort


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