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#SinfulSunday January 6th 2013

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday January 6th 2013…

Dear diary, it is now official, my life as a housewife is complete…

I have just received my first order of Tupperware and will begin the long journey of making tasty good things as is custom of those suffering from “housewife’itus” …

I never signed up for this kind of thing

I was never meant to be a housewife

Hell I don’t even know if I was meant to stay married this long considering how things have turned out in my marriage… I still have yet to have the official wedding with the dress and all that crap we associate with marriage

I have been with him almost 12yrs (this April) and married 10yrs but the last two years have been open and with good reason… I want out and can’t have it…

(so you make the best with what you CAN have 🙂

Owning Tupperware and having to mingle with the neighbors like a good lil wife just deepens the desire to say “fuck off” and leave but I am trapped till my health is in order and a proper job is squared away

Till then I act the part of a proper wife… that is I cook well, bitch often and don’t get much sex… *grin* or is that some other job, I forget

My Sinful Sunday is that I am actualizing the role of princess by day slut by night but I have taken that and added a twist…

Normal house wife at home… Mistress and lover to my dog when out of the house…

Since I no longer have my monthly visits to London, I have to keep up my dual natured life and my dog helps me with that… missing him today as I behave well and spend time with the family on the last day of vacation before school and work starts

Home life:

fresh baked banana bread 🙂


and tupperware O.o


Vs life with my beautiful dog:


22 Responses

  1. Wow he is gorgeous, and that banana bread looks delicious…I am hungry in more ways than one now 😉

  2. Your dog sure seems like a lovely handsome well fit dog!! Can I borrow him for a day or two to satisfy my dog craving?

    xxx Miss July xxx

  3. I hear you on the trapped bit and I’m sorry you no longer have your trips to London… but your dog does look to be an enjoyable diversion 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. It sounds like life is very hard, I am sad for you. The dog is lovely, but I can imagine he needs a lot of taming, he looks like he needs a strong leash 😀

  5. You are a brave woman to make the best of what you have at this moment. A strong woman and you will get what you want in the end. The banana bread looks great… and your dog looks fine too 😉

    Rebel xox

  6. You have a beautiful dog! The banana bread looks yummy but he looks a lot yummier! I am going to indulge myself and read the rest of your blog!

  7. Just from reading this post, i am so very curious to read backwards and know more of your story…the contrast between the tupperware and the erotic photo of your dog, well it is utterly resonant for me.

    This is a wonderful post on many levels.

    xx Simone

  8. This makes my jaw drop and I giggle. What a good boy. Hehe!

  9. I miss your trips to London too… I am sad that you feel so trapped, I spent many years like that and on some ways with regards to being where can live am still trapped here by the kids and my ex’s unwillingness to negotiate on locations. I hope you find the freedom you so desire in time and in the meantime… enjoy your dog, he looks like a fine companion to have around!


  10. And what a gorgeous dog you have 😉 *pets dog*

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