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    January 2013
    M T W T F S S

2 weeks since meeting my “dog”

It has been two weeks since I met the French gentleman for coffee in that little café with the chapel and a hidden area for flirting over lunch

A bit longer if you count the time spent emailing back and forth, I tend not to meet people so quickly but there was something about him… I trust my gut

So… two weeks since the in person meeting…

In some ways it seems a lot longer but when things are knew and intense, everything in life seems to be more than it is

I have met a lot of people in my life

All ages, races, sexual orientation, religion, intelligence… I meet people from all over the world for so many reasons

It has been a long time since I have met anyone like him

Sure, aspects here and there, on the web and in person but never all in one individual and never under my control

I know what passion is

I know what drug addiction is

I know what it is like to feel something so strongly you can’t breathe

The day at the café and the 1 day I have spent alone with him and the 3 nights I have slept at his apartment… I have seen in him a reaction I have never inspired in another… in the flesh

It is easy to drive someone to the edge and keep them there on the net, make lust a drug, passion a type of euphoric dream and then turn off the computer to walk away and go on with your life


When you have someone in front of you, someone that you can touch, smell, entice and tease… everything changes

I have never really liked the internet, sure it can be fun and informative but the net has never been a source of pleasure for me

Though I admit as a preteen I did love the affect I had over my male friends when I would get them on the phone and seduce them with my voice, make them cum to my words

I have always been tactile

Having to touch but not just with my hands, lips, tongue and other…girly bits

You can touch someone’s soul with your eyes if you know how or with a laugh at just the right moment

The time I spend with him, I have come to call him … my dog

He is not, by any means, a puppy or house pet in personality but instead he is a strong and fierce guard dog

Take all the attributes of a well-trained security dog and put them in a man, then add in that tenderness in all animals to want to be loved, cared for and someone to give their affections to

This is my dog

A dom in all aspects of his life, alpha male to the other dogs/men around him, strong, getting stronger, working hard to be the best…. And for what, for who

I think he has been looking for me, longing for someone like me and now that I am here… I literally take his breath away

Be it the simple act of pulling close to him as he smells my hair and realizes that not only does my natural scent stimulate him but the perfume I added helps to bring out something powerful and intoxicating to his senses

My dog submits to me, showed me his papers, clean bill of health

He also deleted his profile from alt before I gave him an option to keep it

He has bought me lunch and dinner many times over

But the best thing he has given me… is himself

He is not a weak man… he is sensual, passionate, loving and repressed

Former girlfriends being too dull or snobbish or normal to understand who he is and what he needs

Letting him lick my toes

Seemingly the greatest pleasure he has ever had, then the ecstasy of licking my sole, nibbling more and not stopping him

Letting him explore his fetishes, what turns him on and telling him when to go that lil bit harder as he nibbles and bites

Hearing him say yes mistress … which sounds more like “mees-treh-ess” due to his French accent

Mmmm the learning days

Where I discover who he is, what he likes, what he needs and then push him to his limits

Learning what it is that I want and have been looking for


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