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Coffee with the Frenchman

The other day we bought the car and I decided I wanted to go out and meet people and have some fun getting to know locals in the big town not too far from me

I have accounts on many social sites, I love making friends, changing people’s lives and their thoughts about the world… also looking for lovers to help improve my mood

One of the sites I go to is ALT

It is a site you really have to pay to use properly, most of the people on it are just not what I am looking for and I find a lot of them are users or fakes

Every once in a while I find some amazing people on that site… like my friend in the UK that help me be inspired to write… ”don’t be nervous with me”


There was also another male, a sadistic Dom from Denmark… a lovely man, very good person but with just that special touch of a nasty streak when it comes to kink

If you are going to be sadistic… you really do need to be well rounded as a person

He is a great friend

There have been others I have chatted with, crossovers on fetlife as well and I hope to meet them one day as they seem like amazing people

Recently though I met this Frenchman…

Something about him caught my eye, not just his military looks and warm milk chocolate eyes… he just had this energy about him and I couldn’t help but start chatting

Not long after getting the car I decided to meet him for coffee, just a normal first time “get to know you” kind of thing… or so I though

First it was sitting in the small café, a tiny French coffee for each of us…

Then a walk to the river for me to take pictures of how it has flooded from the rainy winter

A quick kiss, breathing in the smell of my hair and holding me close

Walking back to the café

Another small coffee

He seems nervous with me and yet happy to be there

He shakes, trembles… the second twitchling in my life, the first being a friend in America

He needs a smoke, he has been trying to quit but I make him nervous *grin*

We walk to the church, look over the pitch nearby and I tell him of the things I have done in that area, knowing the different art classes, pre wedding pictures I have taken for friends and the rugby games

Pulling him into a small alcove for a longer kiss

It just feels good, safe and comfortable

We decide to go back to the café and have lunch together

They seat us in the second room, it is part of an old chapel, the room is made of old stones and arches nicely, having been built in the 3rd century if I understood correctly

We are at a table, hidden in the corner, holding hands and giggling every so often or building up a touch of sensual tension

Seems he is a very dominant man in his normal life, working security for important places in the area or for important people visiting through… everything about him speaks of confidence and control

I learn that his sex life has been normal, the “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of thing and no kink of any kind… he has hidden desires, ideas, things that he wants to stop repressing and I like what he has to say

I have many friends with a foot fetish but few I would feel comfortable touching me and being intimate with… but he feels good

Like I said, he is a dominant man… but with me he wants to submit, to learn what it is like to belong to someone, please them, do as they ask… do as they command…

He had never been able to explore his foot fetish, all the French women in his life being too shy, snobbish or grossed out by the idea of someone wanting to touch their feet

I have met people like that before, freaking out at the idea of someone even seeing their toes!!! Let alone touching their feet and god forbid… licking them

I have none of those taboos

I have only had a very short amount of attention paid to my feet but I loved it each time and wanted more… to explore with him

So sitting there, hidden away in the café and so with many others in the next room…

I was naughty, talking of many things and I think he thought I would keep it just to that


But midway through a sentence he was speaking… I slid my shoe off silently and ran my foot up his leg and let it rest on his inner thigh

Oh the look of pleasure on his face

The shock

The pleasure again as his eyes rolled back, biting his own lip to keep in a moan and his lashes fluttering…

I loved every second of it, wishing he could stay in that pleasure for a long time but all things end

He grew confident and started to reach for my foot

Just before he could touch me I pulled my foot back

The look on his face was priceless

A mix of pained sadness and desire was beautiful to see

I am a tease, first and foremost

I love the control of giving just enough of what someone wants but not everything

So when he calmed

Retracted his hands from his lap and placed them again on the table

I slowly put my foot back in his lap, once again traced my toes up his calf first and a bit of added pressure when I stopped just a bit closer to his balls

Reaching for my feet again as he watches my poker face and there is a look in his eyes that betrays his thoughts

Still too much of a dominant male for my taste, so I retract my foot again at the last second

All of this done as I sit staring at him with my cheeky grin, no words were said and non were needed

It isn’t that I want to dominate him just yet, what I wanted was to test how he would react to suddenly having what he wanted

Watching him, seeing what makes him tick and how he reacts to each thing I do to him… or don’t do for that matter

The fact that he kept trembling was a beautiful sign that I got under his skin, seeing his eye lids flutter as if he was in pure ecstasy, listening to his breathing change

I love witnessing the effect I have on others

I was learning that watching him is like a drug… just a lil more, you know you wanna, just that lil extra thing, don’t stop

Because he was not yet mine, I decided to give in and let him touch my toes on the third time I ran my foot up his leg but this time he waiting just a bit and sort of asked with his eyes

As he reached down, I watched the slight amount of fear on his face, I could almost read his mind based off his actions and attitude

Then came the pleasure as his hands slid over my toes, down my feet, over the soles and up my ankle

The surprise in his eyes when he looked up at me as he realized I had subtly snuck my other foot overtop of the one he had in his hands

Now holding both of my feet

I heard the waitress long before I saw her and slipped my feet down, to behave… sort of

Later during the meal I had to slip off to the bathroom and that meant getting up from my chair along the wall and going past him

I did so, slowly, pressing against him before leaving the safety of our corner table and making sure to tease him horribly

Licking around the edge of his ear, nibbling on the lobe and just below the ear where it meets the neck… but that can be dangerous when someone is highly turned on *grin*

He tried to pull me closer but I spun off and into the next room

When I came back I teased him more in the same manor

Ending the day in the rain, we parted ways and made promises to see each other again soon

He is addictive and seems to think I am the same

Since then I have slept over at his house twice and a short visit during the day

Tonight, as I write this, will be the third time I have slept over

But those are other stories



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