letter with option to unfriend

Note: after being banned and noticing a chain of events that are too coincidental, i decided that i needed to let one friend know what was going on. this is now the 4th time i have been harassed by a jealous and closed minded girlfriend or wife of some guy i met through a mutual friend

very few woman of said men have tried friending me and learning who i am, one tried and then got more pissed, a waste and another has friended me..so far so good and many giggles

*sigh* it sucks that i have to feel the need to explain myself





Hey “Lady of Awesomeness”,

Wanted to warn you and your friends that I am some kind of horrible sexual fiend, bent on stealing the significant other of all of your friends, also any goats, rabbits, dogs, chickens, awesome dragon con gear and I am sure I will just have to take a soul or too.. you know because gingers have none and we have to resupply ourselves every so often…

Seems I have once again been unfriended or had to unfriend a guy I met through making witty, snarky, sexual (but never really aimed AT them) comments on your posts. I was good enough to banter with but once they choose me to be a friend and I say what their girlfriends/wives think if as the “wrong thing” …yayay its attack shalla day

I live in France… I seriously don’t have the time/money or teleportation device to stalk the guys I have befriended in the states and try to pry them away from the ladies they are with

Besides, what would be the point?

I like friends, I am one of the guys in that I love to use potty humor and stupid sexual jokes, get a laugh, be snarky and sarcastic but I do not try to break people up

If someone is unhappy in their relationship I try to build them up, find out what is wrong and give ideas to help make things better

Most of the females that have bitched me out never took the time to get to know me and see what a good person I am, how funny I can be and how much I am more likely to go look for cock in London… preferably when it is nude, on stage and the guy is reading erotic poetry

I spend soooo much time around naked men that it doesn’t faze me anymore, its art, its normal, it’s boring…

I tend to have a childlike innocence when I “flirt” or show appreciation to guys, I just want them to know they are worth it… so many guys don’t get that and I don’t like how that damages the average male

I mean nothing by it though, it is what it is… nothing more

If I mean “mmmmm penis” I will say that… I don’t have hidden subtle messages and it really hurts when people judge me before giving me the chance to show who I am

So I am done… I am writing this to you (so you are in the know) and to the few friends I have with you…

I am tired of being attacked for being me from closed minded people that are insecure with themselves and their relationship

If anyone wants to unfriend me… do it…

I have been banned for 3 days due to a picture I had on Facebook for over 2 years of a pair of prosthetic breasts, they are used for breast cancer survivors and those undergoing transgender therapy (pre op only)…I am a huge supporter when it comes to human sexuality, the mindset, the body, the proper education of the body/sexuality/sex/self-awareness and getting people over the stigmas that society puts upon us or the negative life experiences such as rape (which can and does happen to men) and body mutilation

I find it HIGHLY coincidental that I get banned just after the gf of “Guy who shan’t be named” has a hissy fit over me and he also unfriends me…

Whatever… will have to take my boyfriend/husband/teenage son/teenage godson/neighbor next door you have been eyeing/priest/Santa thieving self and go find a good spot for an orgy and ritual sacrifice of the goat … women not welcome of course… except Lady 1, Lady 2 and Lady 3 (names changed OBVIOUSLY lol)… because they took the time to get to know me..so they can be worshiped like goddesses and fed tasty things by the slave men and other sexual madness


…. *sigh*

I don’t like being judged, I try so hard not to until someone forces me to…



3 Responses

  1. As for: “I am tired of being attacked for being me from closed minded people that are insecure with themselves and their relationship”, welcome to the club. In over 62 years on this planet this time around, I have learned that people like you [and me] profoundly challenge some people. Most people, my great Insight Therapist and friend Dr. Frank Doyle noted in the mid-1990s, work very hard to stay IN their comfort zones; only a few push themselves outside of their own all the time, with delight. Your very existence is a affront to some people. You can’t change them or reach them. They don’t want to get to know you; they want to hurt or destroy you. Only you can decide to be hurt, and they usually don’t have the balls to actually try to kill you but you should still watch your back. Jealously is a primative but very real emotion! Stay strong and move one goddess…

  2. Fuck those people who want to judge you. They can all go to hell!! You don’t need them around!

    • hahaha i dont wish anyone to hell
      just hope people can learn and grow and be comfortable in their own skin

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