Angry with #Facebook

I have seriously had enough with the stupidity of others

Ever since I met the makers of PROSTHETIC breasts, that’s right, they are NOT REAL but they look real enough, feel real enough, warm to the touch and are a wonderful aid for those that have survived breast cancer, are undergoing pre op transgender modification, those that just wish to dress up or models that want to look more busty for photo shoots

The prosthetic breasts I support are made by a company called Bountiful Bosoms, I am very pleased to have met the owners back in 2010 at the convention in London called Erotica

On my Facebook page I had a silly picture of me grinning over a pair of the prosthetic breasts, I was so in love with the idea of an item that could give hope and joy to those that were seeking an answer to their health, over all wellbeing and happiness

This is the picture…

Oh wait, I don’t HAVE that picture because it is on the hard drive of the laptop that died

Yay, another one bites the dust

I understand that Facebook wants to keep the site safe and user friendly for all ages but seriously…. WTF…

It is a medical device

If you saw the picture, you could TELL it is face from the way the nipple and areola are shaped

But of course I don’t get to defend myself or explain or anything

I don’t even have a proper contact line to register a proper complaint to those in charge

I am furious that I have been banned for 3 days when that picture has been up for over 2 years with no one saying anything

Though it makes me wonder if it was the girlfriend of this guy I chat with…

He posted a picture of his short haircut and facial hair

Yes, I was showing appreciation but if any of you know me if I say something along the lines of “mmmm facial fur” … seriously how does that mmm of appreciation equal me wanting your bf’s cock? Seriously?

And it probly is her because now I have been unfriended by him

I really should just unfriend the 6 other people associated with him and this other group of closed minded people

The guys like my humor but their girlfriends think I am a threat

If I fucking wanted your man, I would have him and there would be nothing you could do about it… but I don’t

I am not interested in breaking up relationships

I like to build them stronger

If I want sex, I go get it but from single guys in London

Stupid backwater fool

So paranoid and insecure

Not even willing to get to know me, that I am just one of the guys, use potty humor and sex jokes but mean nothing by it… I really do have a childlike innocence when it comes to other guys



Anyway I wrote this to Facebook and submitted it to the feedback section on photography

Not that it will unban me any sooner

“I would like to point out that the picture that was just taken off my photo album was a pair of PROSTHETIC breasts. They are not real, they are made to help woman who have survived breast cancer or those undergoing gender modification.

I understand “you” want to keep the site safe and user friendly but I feel violated for not being able to show off a product that I feel strongly about.

I am a huge supporter of breast cancer survivors and transgender individuals, I feel it is a slap in the face to not be allowed to defend my picture before it gets taken down.

I also feel that “you” have gone too far in banning me without giving me a chance to explain or a chance to defend my picture.

I think it is grossly unfair to just take away the picture and ban me, saying I violated the system and slap me on the wrist without knowing the full story

I feel you are violating my rights as a user of this service”

4 Responses

  1. That should have been: “burn baby burn”… as the Black Panthers originally said it!

  2. Set ’em on fire girl… burn babay burn!

  3. That is soooooooo fucked up!! I could understand if it was real but itss not!!

    • meh, its funny the crap i go through

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