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really it isnt the birth of Cthulu #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday



Note: what you about to read is pretty tame really but the images are very graphic… ah the fun of photography, black and white filtering, tentacles…. You know in the end it really does look like the birth of Cthulu!!

I have been thinking… and hubby says that some days that is a bad thing…

If he could read my mind right now, I am SURE he would think it is a very VERY bad thing for me to be thinking

It’s not that I am a naughty person… not much anyway

It’s not like I do things to corrupt others and make them horrible people

Yes, I do the things in my blog… unless it’s part of my fantasy section and then it’s something I haven’t done yet

I really am very sweet, funny and genuinely a nice lady

Even if I do become a Pro Domme at some point I will never be that evil bitch everyone thinks of at the sound of that title

I am just me

*grin* and right now this just me had a very BAD idea for sinful Sunday

It all started in London when I was looking for last minute items and stumbled over some toys on sale

Kids toys, nothing erotic or bad or what not…

I saw the purple octopus from the movie Toy Story 3

Normally I would not have really given a damn about the toy but something made me giggle madly when I saw it

I remembered the character Yuki from the webcomic Ménage a 3

She has this issue were she has a bad reaction when she sees a guy’s cock, seems to think there are tentacles there instead


Now I was thinking…

What if I took the octopus toy, inserted it so the tentacles are left facing out and I took a picture of that?

I think it would be like the opposite of the reaction Yuki has, instead of seeing cock as the problem she would see fanny as the problem

Would be a lil funny

Remember it’s just a comic I am talking about

Anyway I figured a lil bit of cosplay never hurt me before lol

Will have to try this

Note: I did try this, head of the octopus is bigger than the cucumber/unpickled pickle I tried this summer… oh wait, you don’t know that story yet… te hee

I found out to take anything that big I would need to cum first to relax, lots of lube and I really don’t see the appeal

I mean I am guessing it is a lot like fisting with a small hand and really that reminds me too much of child birth… I don’t get it, does nothing for me

But ya know, it’s an experience and for me I have to say there is a size I don’t want… octopus size lol

Yes I did this but don’t take me too seriously, I find it all hilarious and good natured fun…

Hope you will too


IMG_7644 sm

closer to the birth!!

IMG_7628 sm

ok i lied, its just an octopus *giggles madly*

IMG_7657 sm

25 Responses

  1. That just got me off guard! Hilarious!

    • glad you saw the humor 🙂 xx

  2. There is no stopping you girl. That’s just another reason to love you. I will never look at calamari the same way, or kids toys for that matter!

    • hahaha yeah just no choking on your food when you go out for calamari

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