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    December 2012
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“Hey Taxi!” #ScavengerHunt

Tap tap… tap tap tap…

Now as you may know from reading my blogs…

I have an autoimmune disorder that has not been fully diagnosed but one of the symptoms is that I have arthritis in my hands and hips

I also suffer from other cramp like pains in the shins and end up walking with a cane

I look too young or healthy to need one but honestly it’s not 100% of the time for show

After going through Soho, the sex shops, seeing what the cheap clothing stores had to offer… I headed home

Well home being the hostel I was staying at

Decent enough of a walk and I am used to going miles out of my way if the weather isn’t threatening to drown, freeze or blow me over …all at once or each on its own

Feeling inspired from showing off to my first random stranger…

I should rephrase that as I have exposed myself to other random strangers but not in the way of trying to collect pictures for Curvaceous Dee and her scavenger hunt blog

So after having my cheery popped, as it were, in the sex shop… I still couldn’t shake the high I felt from doing that and decided… I wanted more

Walking past various construction sites… I chickened out on going up to someone and asking if their foreman would let me into one of the construction trucks for a topless picture or… really I want more of my ass and I would have worn a hard hat!!

But yeah I chickened out

Oh but god I was tempted!!!

Seeing all the delivery trucks!

The taxi cabs…

Hmm… I know lots of guys that have driven taxis

Then tend to be pretty cool or at least my friends are

Hmmm… maybe… just maybe…

Ooo look!!

I walked down this one street, a fairly nice area and well lit considering the time of day, the rain, being late November and the cold

There was a very nice looking younger driver in one of the big black cabs

I say younger but I mean he had to have been my age or maybe a lil older, a tattoo on his arm that was slightly hidden and good lord that smile was sexy!

All of that extra stuff was noticed after chatting with him….

Back to the story

So I walk up and see him waiting in the driver seat, relaxing and I figure he is either waiting for his client or on a break

Meaning more than likely he had time for a quickie… well quick photo anyway *blush*

I tap the window, on the passenger side, gently with my cane and wait for him to reply

His first instinct was to say no no and that he was waiting for a client and couldn’t take my request for a ride

Giggling I told him more of what I had in mind and oh if you could have seen his eyes light up!

You would have thought someone just gave him the best birthday gift ever and it was six months early *grin*

He was too cute

Seemed a lil nervous about getting caught but was almost starting to geek out like a fan girl at her first convention

Really he was adorable and I kick myself for not getting his information because he was attractive *bites lip*

Though I did give him the addy to this blog in the hops of him seeing his addition to the pictures

He had me sit in the driver’s seat and I paid attention to the possibility of anyone behind him but totally failed to notice the guy walk past behind me…

No idea if he saw anything but I loved that he is in the picture… random pedestrian

So should this lovely man, who drives a taxi and has a tattoo on his arm, should happen to read this… thank you so very much

Lots of hugs!

IMG_7408 sm

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