London exposed… *blush*

London seems to inspire me to be more than I usually am … at least in action anyway

I have to admit that in words, be they spoken or written, I really don’t have much of a filter and that can be a lot of fun but I dooooooo try to control it around kids and cops… usually

This last trip to London has given me the confidence to do and say as I please

Normally I hold back a lot and though I still held back, I do admit I let go enough to get people screaming for me to hurry up and blog about what I have done….

And of course… pics or it didn’t happen!

I don’t know how many pictures I should show!!

Do I start with a sort of raw data dump, showing you everything in one go and provide little by way of story…

Should I explain each picture?

I guess I should start from where I left off…

As with the last picture, you know that I had been out with the gentleman who gave me 2 and a half orgasms and that was when I had him take the picture of me under the scaffolding

I have seen him again a few times more and find that I really adore the guy, very kind, good personality, ok so he has some dark things in his past but we all do

I won’t try to change him, that’s his job but!!!! I will help show him other options, other paths he can travel down and what could happen along the way but in the end it’s his choice

I am ok with agreeing to disagree on his current path and thoughts about the world

Though I do admit that he gets me amazingly wet at the drop of a hat!

Pure chemistry and the humor helps too

As I have told many though, I do not want to belong to any one person, I will not be limited and will not be stopped on my chosen path of exploration

That being said I met a sweet guy from Finland, we had a good walk through Soho and ended up having drinks in Waxy O’Connor’s…

I admit I was a bit drunk by the end of the night, too many beers in too short a time… ok maybe not exactly drunk but very tipsy and feeling it later during sex

I decided that I just had to have a pub shot!

So I picked a well hidden spot, the confessional!


I was able to have one breast out, holding their flier for the upcoming holidays and cover myself up before people walked past

Not sure if the couple behind my friend was able to see anything and I admit I don’t remember seeing security cameras but at that time I didn’t care tooo badly

The night didn’t end there

We went back to his hotel and I had him try taking pictures of me from the street while I was naked sitting on the window sill in his room

Now that time people did see and asked him a few questions, I didn’t care though but I don’t know how he felt about it *grin*

You really couldn’t see much from the street or on the pictures


Due to lighting I am more a shadow, a silhouette in the window but it was a lot of fun


Before getting to his hotel we had seen a very nice shop full of rope but sadly too many people were around and I couldn’t get a picture in front of the store

Though I really would have loved to be in the store instead, so much rope, so many ideas and god I love the idea of getting tied again

So that was my night *blush*

Food, drinks, stories, pictures and sex 


9 Responses

  1. What a wonderful view!

  2. How did I fail to applaud your thoughts on monogamy? How could one man satisfy you? How could anyone own you at any level or in any sense of that word? People are not possessions. I shared a few hours with you in my Tai Chi classes years ago. That was all Fate gave me with you, but I’ll take it! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I am with you in spirit. Soar woman, soar higher and higher! I don’t how our spirits got into these fragile vessels we now occupy or where our souls will go when these bodies inevitably fail and die, but the time here is wonderful and precious…

    • down boy… back to earth xxx *giggles*

      • You are a one-woman incitement to riot. “Down boy” my ass! And speaking of incredible asses…

      • hahahah xx

  3. Damn, girl! Don’t post all the photos at once. I have a strong heart but would rather not risk it. Can’t decide if you up close in a pub with one ta ta out or backlit in a window from the street is hotter. The image of you in a store full of rope—tied up or not—is brandished in my mind forever…

    • hahahah and why do you think i am taking a pause in uploading more blogs! i have a bunch more pictures to go!

  4. That’s fantastic, Shalla! Another two knocked off the Scavenger Hunt list for you, taking you to 7 🙂

    xx Dee

    • i am gonna try to get up to 50 by this time next year 🙂
      we should all have goals lol

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