#SinfulSunday and exposing lil red riding hood in the states

Sinful Sunday

My legs are scratched all over

Long angry lines of bright red running sweeping patterns down my thighs

Ankles crossed over each other as I inspect my lower half

Bruising across my calves in large dark patches

I feel as if some lover has done me harm

Done me right

The way I enjoy

I remember the pain of those sharp bits passing over my skin

Harsh and intense

Not shy at all

I look to my inner thigh

Well above the knee there are marks of pain and pleasure

I felt so naughty

Under that tree

Letting loose of all the wine we had shared

Stumbling after you as I try to catch up

Not so much the drink effecting my movements but I remember the lay of the land had set my rhythm off

The camera clicking from more than one side as we pose for pictures

Skirt up to flash the world

Or at the very least those that where there and those who might see the photos

Climbing vines and deep throated laughter with the weight shifting as we swing or sway

Sitting here now as I remember the other day

The four of us on a mad cap adventure

Hiking the wilds and hunting for that next great picture

That next great laugh

Hearing the echo of our passage mingle with the bubbling brook to the left of our passage

What a wonderful day

If only those marks on my flesh were from a lover

Instead they tell the tale of my soft, naked skin passing thorns and brambles

Dress hiked up to my hips

My lady bits just above the plants I walked through

Down the hills

Through the woods

To grandmothers house we goโ€ฆ.

Ah to be little red riding hood

If only I had found my wolf that day





always bad when the cam catches you mid conversation lol

30 Responses

  1. I’d love to be naked chasing you through the woods, and you’re only a few hours drive away from me…

    • sorry love, i dont run that well and only meet people in london

  2. I’ll never think of that tale… or thorns… in the same way again. Very sexy!

    • everyone should have an adult version of their favorite fairy tales

  3. Damn, but these pics are great! And another Scavenger Hunt knocked off for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚

    xx Dee

    • hahahah was drunk last night… got another pic.. *blush* just wait n see lol

  4. Hey “Red”: as one of the many “wolves” on your scent for years; slow down and let us “catch” you!

    • hahahaha… catch me?! where is the fun in that :p

  5. I too love the red riding hood story, but with a sexy twist ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like you had fun!

    • sadly no real wolf but i know i can always try that setting again and make my dark dreams come true

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