Let’s talk about #Boylexe

Note: this was written the night after seeing Boylexe at the Shadow Lounge in Soho London, I was sitting in the pub called Waxy O’Connor, a pint to my left and many people around me as I waited for a friend to come meet me for many more drinks and a night of flirting.. But that is another tale…


Last night I was very excited for a number of reasons

Having passed my driving test was a huge fresh of breath of air across my soul

I felt free!

Having a great need to celebrate and be among the madness of the world…

I went to Soho to see Boylexe

Now I have never heard of this before but the fabulous Annie Player, founder of Erotic Meet ( eroticmeet.net , @Eroticmeet on twitter as well as #EroticMeet and #EM ) told me of the tickets and when Annie tells me of an event that might be of interest to me…

I pay attention!

Walking through Soho is always an adventure, I feel safe there but anything can happen and most of the people get me laughing…

Not to forget the naughty people trying to pick me up…

Rarely does it work but the attempt is always a riot and the best is when they try to seduce me in French…

I love the life and the passion of those who live, work or visit and I wish that I was one of the people who work there, just to keep smiling

Finding the Shadow Lounge was relatively easy considering I had only seen the location once before and from a different angle but people working the doors at different venues are very kind if you flash them a warm and genuine smile

Arriving inside before the rain became more than a drizzle

Greeting the very handsome man working the ticket booth, having a laugh with him and the adorable young woman running between him and the clients in the audience seated in the lower levels of the building

Walking down the many steps and grabbing a beer, priorities you know, before heading back up to check in my umbrella, cane and cloak

Drink really does come first

One reason being that it gives me a chance to scope out the place, see who I know and where I will want to position myself for best viewing of the show

Going back down to mingle and stumbling across the both of the exceptional Rubyyy Jones and her entourage of other wild and talented friends…

Seeing Rubyyy is always an experience

If you have ever met her, you will never forget her and for those who have not seen her perform…. I can honestly say that you should!

A night to be remembered each time!

Once the show started and the audience quieted down, I was pleased to see many layers of humor and thought put into each act

I admit it would be easy to want to perv over the manly men or lust after the effeminate and colorful Drag Queens, such as Mr Mistress…

Ah how I found it hard to take my eyes off of that lovely one, reminding me so much of Hedwig and the angry inch… a good film if you enjoy Drag Queens

It would have been very easy to scream with desire as the clothing comes off, yelling out for more… but this was not a strip show, this was not a base level of entertainment

For me this was much more like what I call to mind from reading the book about the life of Gypsie Rose Lee, learning how she was not just a stripper or just a burlesque dancer… more that she was an artist, a sultry provocative and talent woman that used words as much as she exposed her flesh

I enjoyed being called onto the stage to help spin the wheel for the other woman who had been called up to strip the stripper in record time… similar to spin the bottle but no kisses or happy endings 😉

I was actually glad I had not been picked to strip him, having already fluffed and help another male stripper while at Night of the Senses…

I felt it only fair a normal gal got the spot light 🙂

It was wonderful being able to chat with a few of the men when they were off stage

I see them as people and performers, for me it is hard to seriously relax and drool or perv over them like the rest of the folks in the crowd

I think that’s one reason some of them found it easier to chat with me, I saw them for who they are and not the good looking hunk of flesh that seem to be the focus for others attention

I really did enjoy the effort put into the show, the costumes, the dialog and the choreography

When you stop to think about it, anyone can take their clothing off for money but only an artist can do it properly

A big thank you to all that worked hard Wednesday night, I made sure I said so in person to all I could find but I wanted to say again… it was a wonderful night  




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