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    November 2012
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#SinfulSunday and London exposure

Sinful Sunday

I’ve been sinful… and it’s Sunday… and I think I did a scavenger hunt too…

In the words of my sexy boy (gay male escort) … “and I liked it!!”

(not that the gent I was with tonight is my sexy gay boy)

Out on… I don’t know that I would call it a date, as I tell people I don’t date but… when you have 2 and a half orgasms while in the street and its less than 5 mins… I guess the “date” label applies…

I met this lovely man at the Wednesday event for the VIP Kink Bar and though I went around town that night snogging his friend the young lad… it was this (slightly) older gent that really caught my eye

The best was when I climbed into the lap of the youngone that had been trying to top or dom me during the night, I straddled his lap to better check my phone for messages and his friend… the gent… comes over to say good bye

Grabbing his red tie I just had to kiss him before he left

Now I am a good girl

I am …NORMALLY… shy… oh hush you! I AM!!

But since this summer full of disappointment and health issues… I decided I will live life to the fullest and enjoy the adventure

I loved sitting in the lap of one and kissing another… so simple but such a turn on for me

So many texts later and a few naught messages and the idea of kissing again… in the name of science!

Because one really needs to know if it was a good kiss or not and if lips are really soft enough or taste is good… but only in the name of science 😉

So meeting up today, kissing… not even snogging but full on romantic kissing in the park and hiding in corners and nibbling and ohhh the purring

So my Sunday has been… well for others it is rather tame and innocent…

Spending time chatting at Waxy O’Connor’s, walking through Soho and showing him the places where various kink and erotic events are held and where I spy on the sexy men changing for work

It was a lot of fun

Just being me

Just giggling

Just enjoying the company of a really awesome gent

But then… the sin comes into it

There was this shadowy corner under some scaffolding…


We enter into the darkness with me in the corner, half hidden by the night and still able to see those walking past

It’s not as good as a dirty dark alley *evil grin* but I really am a good girl and have never been in a dirty or even a clean dark alley… let alone played in one! *mock horror*

But this… *purrs*

This was naughty for me, so innocent for the kink world but still naughty enough at the thought of getting caught

Kissing, nibbling, touching… oh the sounds when I pull his nipples hard

Sliding his hand in my pants and seeing just how wet I am…

Earlier, around another corner but in a more lit environment I had slid my own fingers inside my pants and gave him a very quick sample to taste

It seemed that my shy teasing ways was not enough and he was going to have more from the shadows

I have never cum that quickly and repeatedly, then again most people don’t understand that thing called foreplay… how kissing and a look in the eyes and feeling comfortable can be a powerful aphrodisiac

But sadly only 2 and a half orgasms… tee hee will have to tease him about that so I get the rest of the half that I missed tonight

I am a screamer and a squirter… having to muffle the sounds and hold still so I don’t draw attention… torture… sweet sweet torture

I really got excited mid kiss remembering….


Most write up my night for Molly!!!

But wait!! I need a picture too!

Oh hellz yeah I just have to flash the camera and show I am out in London lol

So I hope you enjoy my adventure into meeting new friends

hope Curvaceous Dee enjoys my exposure in London http://curvaceousdee.com/scavenger-hunt/




15 Responses

  1. Who’s more deserving of two and a half orgasms, in public? Who doesn’t love a screamer and a squirter; a woman who loves and can climax from foreplay; and those incredible sweater puppets and smile(!)? Who among us could resist you, Shalla? You brought back found memories of two of my favorite lovers from the late 1980s—my still not completed Why Women Are So Problematic… book cover girl, Elizabeth, and Connie… Thank you. I won’t bother to say: “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” since like me, there is likely little you wouldn’t try in the pursuit of sexual pleasure, as long as everyone consents and no one is seriously injured!

    • sadly hun there are a number of people that judge a book by the cover and i find it is those types of people that least enjoy reading

      • So true. And yet, avid “readers” like you and me know exactly what they are missing!

  2. I can’t decide what is sexier here, the image or the story behind it. Must be the story, because I read it three times already! Soooooo hot!! I love having to force myself to be quiet in publc! 😀

    • oh i hate it!!! being quiet usually kills an orgasm for me and being in public with a sweet gentleman that i really didnt know THAT well.. yeah that was hot and fun lol and i had to write it all up and send the pic off before it was no longer sinful sunday lol… i really could have written the story better but it was a .. lol..quicky

  3. I see that Curvaceous Dee liked the picture. May I admit I like it too!

    • hahaha yes you may admit that you like it… i on the other hand think my hair and facial expression could have been better… not self criticism *evil grin* its really just an excuse to do better and more next time lol

  4. Something feel right with the world knowing you are back in London. Glad you are having a naughty time!


    • so very true! missed being here and love seeing friends, saw mia the other night when i went out and she did a happy dolphin noise and almost didnt let me go from a hug.. have missed you all a bunch

  5. Oh, very sexy!

    • thank you hun, am trying to do more in this town… just wish i felt better this morning, had an allergic reaction to the hostel i am staying in …. *whimpers in pain*

  6. Oh, you look simply fantastic! And yes, that’s definitely a Scavenger Hunt shot – I’ve updated the page, and you’ve now been ticked off for the ‘construction site’ 🙂

    xx Dee

    • yayay… i just hadddd to share with you, also have some from the states and will have to tag you in them, one is my titty tuesday post already up, i was in on sugarloaf mountain which is open to the public but unsure if it is a state park or not and also another breast shot at the maryland renaissance festival

  7. Hee! sounds like quite the saucy adventure 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

    • was sweet and innocent with a touch of daring and naughtiness.. 🙂

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