off the cuff blog 2

walked around today 

got lost while trying to get to london bridge tube… 

ok not really, i made it THERE fine, it was just that getting FROM the tube and to the starbucks where i was to meet my friend…

yes that is when i got lost… 

though i did find two other starbucks locations and that means i am a true american!

i have a hidden radar for starbucks crap tastick coffee

though if you do like the flavors then it is ok but just coffee.. no fucking way!! too much acid

thankfully i DO like the flavored coffees like the gingerbread latte!!


anyway, eventually got there and behaved myself instead of tormenting the lovely gent i had been

chatting with… i really CAN behave!!!

didnt intimidate him or make him squirm in the corner or blush…

really didnt try and seduce the kind man

really i could have… i would have… but


i CAN behave :p


didnt have my camera on me so i did not get a chance to take pictures of the lovely fog over the taller buildings in the area and am currently inside my hostel, drinking more coffee and writing to you lovely people

will go out tonight and see more friends 🙂

cant wait


here are some pictures of the fall colors in london 

i took these yesterday while seducing a slightly younger man, my naughty muslim


i love hyde park in the fall… ok i love hyde park any time of year




loved this river, the reflections were so perfect and i couldnt resist a snap shot





3 Responses

  1. as above, lovely images.

    • ah hun, you know that always means a lot coming from you xx

  2. Great photos…

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