Comment on blob by #RaceBannon

note: the following is my long winded, rambling comment to race bannon, author of the fabulous book “learning the ropes”, if you are in the kink/bdsm scene or curious about it, i highly recommend his book

this is a comment to the following blog that he wrote

BDSM Education, Has It Gone Too Far


what i had to say:


currently reading your ebook on my kindle, refreshing my mind from the last time i read your book (left that at moms house *grin*) and enjoying the updates added in.

would like to say that i feel education is a must for all things in life… but some people will take things to the extreme and then everything goes tits up, which makes the fun stop

i have been studying the mind, kink/bdsm and erotic art since i was 12 (21yrs) in an effort to try and understand why people behave the way the do and where they want to go with what ever it is that interests them.

i did a short stint on the radio as a “sex therapist” (just a fun gig, i was open, vocal, without fear or taboos and funny) and it scared me that some people would ask stupid questions! i know that no question should be stupid but ignorance is deadly

i understand that in all aspects of life we need to learn more, grow more and be the best we can be for ourselves and treat others with respect and kindness… but there are those out there that have been beaten down by society and are too shy to really come out of the closet and learn to play

it scares me when grown adults dont know their body, dont know the difference between cum and pee and squirting. that grown adult males dont know that they should size their cock to get a better fitting condom so that they will enjoy sex when they wear one. it scares me when people have no common sense!

i understand that having a class can be a good thing… group of people to make friends with, be yourself around, maybe a hook up on the side or come together better as a couple, learn some skills in what ever you chose to learn… it CAN be a great thing to take a kink class

often i find that too many people…newbies (what ever age)… tend to be in a frenzy to just dive in and dont stop to think …RACK? SSC? no, it means nothing to them even if you say what the letters mean

it scares me horribly that people dont think any more

but on the other side of it, taking the lessons to the extreme is a bad thing and is just as stupid as not having common sense

one of my favorite quotes: “everything in moderation, including moderation”

…oh and one thing i dont like about the book with the area about misconceptions… and this really bugs me a lot…

yes, kink can be likened to love making … but one has to remember that kink/bdsm does NOT have to have sex in it… but sex CAN have kink/bdsm in it



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  1. Great post. I’m with you. Love the “everything in moderation, including moderation” quote. I often paraphrase Ben Franklin: “Moderation in all things but sex”! As for the unfathomable ignorance of many people today, no argument from me. I have an unfinished book–Why Women Are So Problematic: A Memoir and Whimsical Polemic–in which I present an explication of why this is getting worse by the second and how we may be able to fix it. I just have to finish the damn thing…

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