part 2 Best Worst pick up lines

this is the continuation of yesterdays blog as seen on this link

i should fix the typo in that link/name for the previous blog but thats effort and i warned you people a while ago i make typos


i write yesterday that i could not believe, or maybe i can believe all too well the stupidity in other and the ability for people to be so fixated on something that they lack the ability to ever really have what they want…

so i wake up this morning and go to check my mail

oh my, there is a reply

mr so_n_so has completely ignored what i had to say and sends me back this message, which i must warn you, had me gigging so hard i nearly choked due to the number of replies i wanted to give

“So is cumming an option ?”


i wish (to what ever god you believe in) that i was making this shit up

i dont think i have that much creativity in my writing style to make this up

it scares the piss out of me that humanity is doomed if people like this not only exist but gain control

i really think i found a solution to the possibility of a zombie invasion… diet control, feed them only stupid people and then watch the zombies starve from lack of suitable brains




3 Responses

  1. Damnit goddess, right again. By the way, idiots like this are in control. Obama is just holding his finger in one of the millions of leak in the dike. In case you haven’t noticed, humanity is doomed…

    • you know i dont like people calling me names… for good or for bad, just not my thing

      • I don’t know that I knew that, Shalla, but noted!

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