REALLY! I am a good girl

note: all this being said, damn the hostel I plan on staying at has some LOVELY sounding men! Who cares how they look, they can just talk to me and I will be happy lol


I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that yes I am a good girl

By that I mean to say…

I follow certain rules

Like no masturbating in a room full of people that are unaware or of the wrong age, such as a hostel or vanilla sleepover

I behave!

I do not engage in sex unless I have a private room or if it is a public space then it has to be a kink friendly environment


Because I behave!

Seriously folks I can hear your screams of “bullshit” all the way over hear but think about it

If you know me, you know I have only kissed in public… ok there was that one guy behind the mall under the pine trees where we could have been seen and reported but i dont think that really counts cause that was over 15yrs ago

So let me rephrase that

*evil grin*

If you know me, you know I am actually shy about affection in public and thus behave

Night of the senses doesn’t count as that was a kink friendly event ENCOURAGING me to do more and try more and relax

so yes, should you be reading this and should you be from one of the many hostels I have stayed at… the worst I have ever done was have a few drinks in the big bathroom while one guy was in the tub (fully dress) relaxing, the gal was on the floor (again dressed), the other gent was looking all classy (see still dressed) and we were talking about a great many things as we got less and less sober

I behave

I have heard many tales of the wanton acts that happen in some hostels

People getting caught having sex while the cleaning crew come in to change the sheets

Or others using the bathrooms for their enjoyment

Ah the stories I have heard

But I behave

The worst I do is inspire a naughty though

Bring about a blush and a smile

But the hearty laughs really are the best

For all that I talk of sex, it’s the bonding of friendships that mean the most and the comfort that it brings

So yes… I may not be innocent, you can stop screaming “bullshit” now

But I DO behave


One Response

  1. Shalla: I do know you and you are a very good girl. You have inspired many naughty thoughts and fantasy adventures in my mind. I am not a good boy. I am a very bad big dog of a man and embrace it all… the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I have shouted many things in response to your writings, mostly “Dead Right On”, “Go Girl”, or “Why are you not here with me in my bed?” but never “Bullshit”. You are many things, goddess, but the terms “For Real” or “Real Deal” are much more fitting than “Bullshit”. You is the bomb girl!

    If you ever want to be introduced to your Inner Bad Girl and let her out, please let me know at your earliest convenience… I would be honored to introduce you to her!

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