My pic for #tittytuesday

So it came to my attention that today is #tittytuesday 

There are a number of woman today posting pictures of their titties and well… I just can’t be left out of such fun!

The picture I am posting is one taken in the states while I was visiting last month

I had been out on a tour of Sugarloaf Mountain with my dear friend the sexy lesbian, the one I need to write a blog about due to an earlier encounter 2 years ago …  *blush*

So… mmm…haha… yes! Back to the subject

We had been on one side of the mountain watching the colors of fall and the sun slowly pass to the other side

We followed and saw some of the most beautiful rays of light

I wanted to take a better picture of my breasts to tease people on this blog as well as by phone… I had been sending naughty pictures to a few fun people *blush*

Sadly there was this attractive man and his mother (?) (If not very hot older woman) and they had been taking lots of pictures of everything but slow to leave

I talked my lovely lady into standing just so, blocking the view of anyone new to arrive and hurry while the other two were higher up on the wall

She snapped the picture and I hid my breast away quick as could be, giggling and taking a picture of the camera and LCD screen to show others later

I wanted more but was lots of fun

So… for #tittytuesday 

I give you one nipple… the other will peek out another day xx


8 Responses

  1. love your boobs, they are enticing to say the least

  2. I like Tuesdays now. 😉

    • that just set me giggling 🙂

  3. God Help the USA if the Mormon gets into the White House!

  4. Shalla, my goddess from afar–now I have the strength to carry on through the day. The vision of your angelic smile and magnificent exposed breast in my mind’s eye, as I head to my polling place to help sweep away the madness of this election cycle and along with millions of women, gays and lesbians, blacks, Hispanics, the poor, recent immigrants, and the not filthy rich privileged few [plus a few enlightened WASPs, White men and Rich people] defeat Mitt and Paul and all of their ilk, and once again attempt to save this imperfect and in peril Union. We will need to re-fight the Civil War sooner or later, and this time finish the job Generals Grant and Sherman were well on the way to doing at the premature end of the first one. This time: no mercy, no peace, until every last one of the Red State-ers is dead. We may spare people who sincerely repent, if they do so quickly enough and can get behind our lines. Let’s get this done, once and for all. I have seen, heard, and put up with enough. No more cliff-hanger divided Nation elections. I am ready to kill, and even die for my Country and this fragile planet, since that is apparently what it is going to take to settle this. Never again!

    As a bonus, we solve the over-population, housing shortage, unemployment, political gridlock, and any number of other currently unsolvable critical problems we face as a people…

  5. Not lazy at all – surely you’ve been very busy, avoiding the election broadcasts in the ‘Good Ole US of A’

  6. It’s always such a delight to see your posts…

    • so glad you think so.. i have been far too lazy in posting

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