question from fetlife: Women who read sex blogs…

title: Women who read sex blogs…

question: What types appeal to you most? What subject matter really piques your interest? What’s the tone of the writer? Does it have pictures? What makes a good sex blog, for you?

note: i am keeping the posters name out of this, i will only share my view and not that of others answering the same question


i write one (lil miss shalla on wordpress) and have a number of friends in the uk that are also bloggers, published authors in kindle format or hardcopy and erotic photographers that do a bit of writing as well

i like following what my friends have to write, such as molly’s daily kiss and her other blog sinful sunday… which is a contest of other bloggers to see who gets the most votes and helps you know who else is writing

i like the personal touch, getting into my friends minds and understanding that side of them as well as guessing who in the group has been sleeping where and inspiring what madness

i also like seeing the differences between what i write, my world and what goes on in it vs someone like meg philip who is a lively, wonderful, sensual woman that writes her imagination and i have seen her when she gets lots in thought over a random thing that passes her eyes

or there are some great writers out there that will speak of the simplest of everyday objects and seduce you in such a way you feel he has been talking only of your naughty bits instead of that mantle on the fireplace… i forget his name as i have never read his blog only heard him on stage as he speaks in a deep but soft voice that reminds me of tim curry

or learning more about sex and kink and health and the mind set involved in all! meeting the author of the joy of sex.. or the lady garden project which inspires a lot of woman to be empowered when thinking of their body

these people that write… they are real, they are like me and though they may not write down all that they do, create more imagination that telling of the days events…
they stimulate my mind

if you cannot touch my mind
turn me on with the sensual thoughts, conversation, intense bonding that only happens through the mind…

how do you ever expect to please my body

porn… is like tv.. it rots the brain, teaches you nothing but lies (in the rain shows you will learn something) and gives you a false negative image of yourself and others
its entertainment only

but erotica… the blogs and literature and art and music.. etc..
it calls to the soul, touches in deep and teaches you what is possible and how to recognize what you want and chase after it

4 Responses

  1. Shalla, I’m with you on “but erotica… … and how to recognize what you want and chase after it. I like the woman bloggers because I am a dedicated student of the gender and all of your writtings are very useful insights into your souls!

  2. Interestingly enough I have found sex bloggers through other blogs, there is such a variety out there. Some have every day mixed in, some only discuss sex. I like reading blogs that are different, but real people. They help me see that everyday people are sexy and I don’t have to feel bad about myself (on a bad day). That my thoughts and fantasies are ok. Lots of non BDSM people are out here to. I love Jack and Jill as they are a sexual couple that give me hope, as well as Molly’s blog.

    • dont like our society as a whole, i think too many people are still thinking too much about what society things instead of what is really good for people. it gives me hope when others read something, sex or non sex, and they feel inspired to help be better in their lives
      if you are not happy.. whats the point

  3. I’ve found a lot of BDSM bloggers, but I’m not personally all that interested in BDSM unfortunately. I’m still looking to try to find more sex bloggers that explore topics more similar to my interests, but it’s difficult to find. I’m always trying to find more people to engage with on topics I’m passionate about.

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