Trip to the dentist

There was a lot of pain

Never once did he touch me with medication to numb my gums

Taking tools he hammered at my two crowns

I can still feel the pounding, reaching deep into my skull

Causing an instant migraine

I sat there, not moving, only allowing my left hand to react

Trying to ignore the sound of the drill

Eyes closed

Temperature rising as I try to ignore the pain

Give no voice the drill slicing past my gums

Blood in my mouth

Sometimes opening my eyes

Not really focused

Can’t see the letters on the light above my head 

I know they say “LOLe” but I can’t see them

You would think with my glasses on my eyes would work

but I am half in another state of mind

Riding out the pain

Just breath

Just breath

Don’t move

It’s ok to whimper

Just breath

You are stronger than this

Remembering how much I like some kinds of pain

Turn the pain into pleasure

Ignore the bad and enjoy the good

Just get past it


7 Responses

  1. Interesting…….
    poor shalla

    • i go back next week… oh joy

  2. Ouch, you are braver than I, I want the meds!! As long as I am numb I can deal with the sounds, but I do still tense up. It’s instinct.


    • sound was bad, i suffer from ringing in the ears and its a pain!!! some of the sounds the drill made are in the same sound range as what i hear so it was hard to ignore

  3. I am still trying to uncurl my toes. Nothing is more terrifying to me than the dentist.

  4. I am still trying to uncurl my toes. Nothing is more terrifying than the dentist.

    • i was traumatized as a young child by a trip to the dentist, then only a lil older i saw little shop of horrors and the dentist in that….

      i went… yup! that guy is fucked up and way cooler than the fucked up dick that drilled me

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