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30 Days of Kink – Day 13

30 Days of Kink


Day 13: Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you? Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?


Sex in general can be lovely

The need for someone

The desire that builds in you when you think of them

Passion that consumes you when you give in and have sex with someone you want so badly

The affection from start to finish from the foreplay to the kisses and snuggles after you both cum

Sex can be magical if you find the right person, someone that listens to your needs and helps you explore your wants

It can be boring too if you are with the wrong person or you are the wrong person…

You know the kind, they just lay there doing nothing but making noises that you know can’t be real

Or they are the kind that just has to do things their way but the only ideas they get are from porn and most people are not meant for doing what gets done in the movies…

There should be a Myth Busters show for porn, tell you what moves really can be done by the average person and what things should not be done at home!!!!

Good sex can be hard to find

But the topic is about kink/bdsm and not sex…

You don’t HAVE to have sex when you have kink, though I do admit there are a lot of similarities between the needs of a person looking for sex and those looking for kink

With sex you should have someone you trust and with kink that is so much more important!

Some of the things in kink can do serious damage or even kill if you are not doing them right or paying attention or know the person you are with

If you gag someone and they panic and have an asthma attack…

Or if you tie someone up and paddle them or use a cane or other impact play and go too far because they are enjoying it too much to tell you to stop…

It’s a two way thing, you have to trust your partner you are playing with and you have to trust yourself to make the right calls

Kink is very much like sex, it’s about how you feel, how you make them feel and what you take from the experience

Kink can be so much more intense an experience than sex and when you have the option to combine the two it can overpower you, take you to a new level of thinking and feeling

There was a night when I had been played with



Touching all over

Getting spanked

Nipples played with, first by his fingers and then pinched harder with clothes pins

Breasts and pussy smacked

Wrists bound above my head to the ceiling beams

So long being played with

Pussy forced to orgasm

Taking me down and fucking me, making me orgasm again

Then fucking in the ass and making me cum so hard I could barely breathe

Having to curl up in a pile as I cry from all the release my body has given

Having too many emotions and endorphins raging through my body

Unable to control them

So happy but you can’t help but cry and just try to breathe and try to ride the wave


It’s that feeling right there that I love about kink, it can be its own pleasure but when I add it to sex I feel the world spin

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