30 Days of Kink – Day 10

30 Days of Kink


Day 10: What are your hard limits?


No kids… ever…

At some point I will perv over youths of the tender age of 18 and 19 but that will be long after my kids are no longer under the legal age limit

Hitting on their friends is only fun when everyone is legal 🙂

For now my rule is no one under 20 years of age, I behave

I know that in theory I could use that “rule” of half your age plus 2… I am 32 so that would mean 18 or 19 (my birthday is in October) but that’s just not me lol

In all seriousness though I don’t understand the interest in younger people, for the most part, the younger people I know are just not as interesting for me to get to know and yes I know that sometimes it’s just the sex but I need a mental connection

No blood, needles, knives, cutting, branding or other permanent marks…

I don’t want to be at risk of getting any illnesses above and beyond what I already suffer (undiagnosed autoimmune disorder) or permanent marks that I would have to explain to my kids or others

Just not my thing

No hitting my face or touching my neck…

I suffered some abuse through my life and there is a fine line between kink and assault & battery, I enjoy a good spanking, slapping my breasts with items or hands but touching my face even with a gentle tap pisses me off and sends me into various levels of rage

I have also escaped getting raped 3 times, the first 2 times where very violent and left me with PTSD level issues when someone touches my neck uninvited

The last time that happened I was at an event and a friend came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my neck as he gave me a hug, I knew he was safe, I knew he wouldn’t try anything but I still had a massive panic attack

When I have a panic attack but I am in a safe environment I tend to shut down, wait for it to be over, get myself to an even more safe area and then have full blown attack which often leaves me crying hysterically, shaking, disorientated, in a cold sweat, sometimes unable to balance and a few other things

If I have to have a panic attack but also have to take care of someone else I will shut down all of who I am and do whatever it takes to function until I can get to a safe zone where I can be alone and ride out the wave but when I do that the attack is generally worse

Very few people are allowed to touch my neck, at this point in time I can only think of two people who have not triggered my attacks, it takes a lot of trust and faith

No humiliation play…

I am a natural redhead, I grew up in a town of 8855 and was the only redhead… I suffered for it

For most of my life I was humiliated for being a freak because of my hair, either by other kids or by lil old ladies that would not stop touching me and invading my space to tell me what lovely hair I have… mixed signals and invaded personal space can really fuck with your mind

I also have an unusual name, which I will not share with the general public but needless to say an odd name in the middle of nowhere did not help me fit in

Even my teachers had a hard time being able to properly pronounce my name

To this day I still get the “do you know what your name means” question and as an adult it really irritates me as I have had this name all my life… it’s like constantly asking a tall person “how’s the weather up there” or other stupid things that people feel makes them clever

Having a strong personality didn’t help and I got emotionally and verbally beaten down by 85% of the people around me and later sexually harassed in school with no support from teachers or staff

I am who I am because I had to learn at a very early age that I was not the problem, I was not the freak, I was not whatever they were calling me… I was me and I was pretty cool

It was everyone else being the bully, taking the easy path and following the cow mentality

It takes a lot out of you to have to learn these survival traits so young and because of that and other things I never was allowed to be a child, I had to grow up very fast

I refuse to be humiliated EVER… but… some things people find humiliating are nothing to me and I can deal with fine… it all depends on what you consider humiliating

No age play/baby play…

I have been a mother since I was 16yrs old and before that I was always taking care of friends or learning to cope with my own issues

Since I was very little I have had to be the mom, I have had to protect others or myself and I am tired of doing that but will keep on doing it as long as I am needed

But I take no sexual pleasure from it and will not be seen in a sexual way like that

I want to be worshipped, I want passion, I want adult time


At the moment I can’t think of anything else even though I am sure there are a few other things I could add to the HARD NO list, there are a lot of things I am interested in that are conditional but that is an entirely different list

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