30 Days of Kink – Day 7

30 Days of Kink

Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?


I want more toys, many more and people to use them on me or use them with…

I have no desire to replace my need for human contact with a fabricated toy

More that I like the added pleasure a toy can bring to a couple and there are times when you are alone and fingers just won’t do

I know that there are some people that can get by without human contact during sex but I’m not one of them

I rarely play on cam, cybersex being too boring

I don’t want someone telling me to image their hands on my ass, pulling me closer and to imagine that we kiss as he slides into me

That’s words

That’s nothing

That’s boring

Touch me

Hold me

Kiss me

Make me beg for you to stop holding back and show me real passion

But with cyber I get none of that

With porn I get none of that

Reading other erotic blogs and erotic books is different for me

Sometimes I know the author and can easily envision what they have done, want to do or are dreaming up and best of all is when I can read the words and hear in my head their voice

Seducing me on this trip they have taken and I feel I am the fly on the wall, witnessing but being unseen, a spy or peeping tom

There is a connection and even if it isn’t meant for me I get turned on

There is the exception, the rare few that are written by men

Erotica written so well that they seem to understand everything I am desperate to find but the males I need to give me what I really dream of stay hidden in real life

So for me sometimes erotica can be a “toy”

A thing that helps stimulate me

Items in the house rarely do it for me

Though I admit a wooden paddle, clothes pins and a few other select items can be lots of fun

The average home made toy sort of scares me

I will not put a cucumber inside of me!

What if it should break!!

I have already had to go “fishing” for ben wa balls that I kind of pushed in too far while using multiple toys at once when I was extremely aroused

I will not use a number of other items inside of me and the vacuum cleaner is going nowhere near me or my partner!

It’s not that I am not adventurous enough

It is more along the lines of having enough brain cells rubbing together and telling me all the things that could go wrong

As well as a few things that have already gone wrong

I had a miscarriage shortly after using a homemade toy while having cybersex with one of my most memorable lovers

I was only 11 weeks and had no idea I was pregnant and I carry with me the guilt that I may have caused the miscarriage because I was horny and stupid and young

There is a reason people design sex toys

The body has specific shapes, lengths and depths

To use a random object because it is there and you think you can fit it in, just not the wisest move

You can do serious damage from the simple act of wanting to have fun and not thinking ahead of what could happen

Sex, be it with yourself or with others, is about enjoying what the body needs, making babies and power…

To do any of this you have to be smart and a lot of people are just not aware of what can happen

For some reason so many people need to be told that you can’t do something, the fact that they can’t automatically sue common sense to figure out the different between a good idea and a bad idea… simply amazes me

Sorry, venting and rambling

Ok back to the main topic, my favorite sex toy… men…

Honestly I like the toys by fun factory

I love how they have a bit of bend, are soft to the touch and a few of them are rechargeable

I love my fun factory delight, it has an odd shape that some find intimidating but it is curved to hit the g spot and a slight bump to massage my clit, the rest is handle to change how you hold it in place

I love that it is rechargeable and thus can be a lil more powerful than a battery toy

The toy itself has a lot of power and isn’t all that noisy

I love making myself cum hard when I am sleepy, then leaving the toy in as I fall asleep and enjoying my naughty dreams, then waking up and playing again


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