He says to me “I feel lonely here”

And he speaks to me…. “I feel lonely here”

So I tell him…


Breathe in deeply and think of what is around you


Sights, sounds, smells, people, life

Breathe it in and pull it close and write it down

Speak to me of lonely

For this is what is around me…


Music is playing

There is a fly that keeps buzzing around my ears

That fly is my only company

Hubby is in the bedroom, breathing too loud for my gentle ears

Lil one is sometimes coughing

Other two are dreaming

The night is still

I can faintly hear the washing machine behind the bathroom door

The music fades and all I have are the tap tap tap of my words across the keys

The next song starts

Reeds, pipes, piano

Speaks of wind, somber but in a pleasant way

The fridge hums softly or maybe that sound is from the lights above me

Outside there is darkness

You can almost hear it

There are no cars thundering past

No drunken revelry

The birds are not yet awake

If you listen close you might hear a bat

Or the shuffle of grass being pushed aside by a hedgehog

If you are really still and wander into the forest at the edge of the fields you might spot a boar

If you walked down to the forest you would hear the bubbling of the water over stones

A small ravine from the quarry into the thin woods

Looking up into the darkness you would see stars, still so big for so much light shining from the moon

Around me the waking world sleeps

The night creatures tire and they look for that last meal before they too sleep

I hear the voice in my head saying my alarm will go off in two hours

Yet I can’t sleep

The silence of the country

The loneliness of the isolation

I stay awake

It is not that I fear the dark

There is no monster come to find me from under my bed

There is no sandman to heavy my lids

There is nothing but silence

That silence hurts in ways most will never understand

To say that I live in the middle of nowhere

You would think that would be enough

But most will never fathom

This type of solitary confinement

So beautiful

So lonely

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