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    June 2012
    M T W T F S S

London Fetish Fair #LFF

The London Fetish Fair… a tale of my first and second visits to this award winning event

I had been there once before and have been meaning to talk about that event as well as this more recent visit

My first event was months ago and not long after I met my Snuggle Buddy

It had been a great day, seeing friends, looking at the different items and I did buy something to take home with me

I now regret not having my friend smack my ass with the toy I had bought but such is life, you cannot go back in time, instead you must learn what you want and take it

In many kitchens and bathrooms around the world there is a product used for the counter tops called Corian, at my first LFF there was an American selling her items along with some custom paddles for a vendor friend of hers back in the states and these paddles where made of Corian


They are thick, heavy and when you smack there is a very strong thuddy feel to the impact

I like it but my toy needs to be used in the proper hands or else it could do me damage, as I am often the one on the receiving end of the hit… for now

At my first LFF I talked my Snuggle Buddy into using his new toys on me, the market was closing and setting up for the after party where so many fun things can happen

He resisted at first, I am not sure why he held back but in the end my ass posing for him seemed to get the better of his judgment and he used his virgin toys on me

Different sides paddles and various thicknesses

I loved it, would have loved more but well he hardly knew me and had yet to snuggle me properly as a true Snuggle Buddy….

You have no idea how much I love to cuddle!

So anyway, the first event was an eye opener for me, not because I saw things I was not expecting… which I did… but because it was really the first time I saw so many people playing in front of me in such a large setting and with so many of my friends around

Even though I have now been in the kink life style of London for over a year and a half, I am still very new to the physical side of everything

Sex is easy, that I know, it is the sort of dance I can perform… but kink, for the last 20 years I have only lived in the realms of the mind…

Until now kink and bdsm have been nothing more than dreams, conversations and group chat about how the mind works in this amazing world of pain and pleasure

Seeming friends wonder off with strangers that appealed to them, seeing them kiss, fondle and have fun made me excited but as I am a nurturing person I want to make sure my friends are ok and in control as some drinking had been done

Sometimes I need to remember to just enjoy myself instead of being overly concerned for my friends

But caring for others is part of how I enjoy myself

I really am a very private creature

Turning away many invitations to play as they are just not the people I am interested in, very nice and some are amazingly good looking but… I really am shy

I am working on that though, I want to play more, and I want to do more… I am just slow, cautious

Funny how I can show my tits to the world or my fanny but yet kissing and being touched in public still makes me shy away

Silly I know

So the first time I went to the LFF I really enjoyed myself and just watched

This second LFF that I went to before leaving London to avoid the summer madness and the chaos that will come with the Olympics, well that was a different kettle of fish

At this event I still had friends, though sadly no Snuggle Buddy but I did have Bunny and her Salad Stabber of an English gentleman… now those two were fun!

Sadly they arrived late and missed saying goodbyes to some of the people I had introduced Bunny to at earlier events

I was not the only one going home, Bunny was scheduled to leave a few days after me, so we were cramming in as much fun as possible

Had I not been in my leather corset I would have been far braver and done like Bunny, been willing victim to this dashing man with a whip

You know how when a whip is extended and meets and object, the whip wraps itself around the object… Bunny was said object

I admit I was both excited and sad, I really did want to see how bad the sting is when it comes in contact with flesh or with corset

He said the pain isn’t that bad, that with a corset on the pain should be dampened to a very nice sting but each suffers pain differently and those used to one type may not behave the same as those accustom to another style of pain

We took pictures in an area outside of the main event, there where chairs piled up and it made for odd but nice pictures

I wondered the room, looking at the different goods on the tables, found a pair of nipple clamps I just had to buy

They are the style I enjoy most, tweezer like pinchers, topped with a soft safe tip and a small ring you slide up or down along the length to tighten or loose the grip

Perfect for large nipples and I have large nipples

I also saw a toy a friend had bought and I cringed

If you have ever worked with jewelry then you know about the ring sizer, a long metal rod that tapers off with notches in it to tell at what point is the size of the ring being tested

Those things are very solid and heavy

The item my friend had was very similar but the metal did not taper off and was much longer with a handle made of cord artistically woven over one of the ends

It looked like a “playful” version of something you would have in your car for protection, road rage or to break glass in case of an emergency

My hips and back felt pain just from me looking at it as my body imaged how the impact of that item would be when met with my ass

Now I am sure the item is not as bad as I fear… but so what lol

I am not ready for such a thing

Instead I went to the stand were my friends bought their new toy and I looked over what the very attractive gentleman had for sale

I bought two thin rods of fiberglass which as with the larger item, had handles artistically wrapped in cord, one rod was purple and black, the other being red and black


( carneval.co.uk )

I had tons of fun sticking one of those rods down my cleavage, hiding the shaft in my corset and all you would see was the nob at the end of the rod

The best part was then pulling it out as the thing seemed to go on forever

Bunny and I were not the only Americans there, two other gentlemen I had met at other events showed up, one I was very much interested in but well I didn’t show it lol

Though later on I did admit my interest, well after it was too late to do anything about it of course

During the after party there where 3 burlesque acts, all very fun to watch and the styles were all so different

Be they innocent and fun or dark with a disturbing twist

I enjoyed them all and thought harder at the idea of one day being on stage myself to dance burlesque… why not

People wondered about, enjoying the party, drinking, chatting and playing

One sub was a lovely creature on her knees behind her master as he walked through the room

The sounds of others on the upper level bringing tingles to different parts of my body

In the end I went home alone, I had to be up early the next day to fly home and the last of my bags still needed to be packed

So many hugs where given, a few kisses as well, information exchanged but again I did not play

It just isn’t my thing

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