Hubby and the rope

I was kneeling on my chair, my ass in the air and I wasn’t thinking of the spanking that would happen

I was not expecting to be played with

I did not think I would feel his touch

But there he was

Touching my ass with his large hands

Rubbing each cheek through my dress

Starting to spank me as I typed on my laptop



I lost count after 5

It stopped mattering how many hits I took and just enjoyed the feeling of each smack

He got out the package he had ordered while I was away

Inside was a length of red rope and a flogger with many tails

Setting the laptop aside I bent more to expose my ass

He lifted my dress and ruby my exposed skin

I was not wearing panties

He could smell my excitement as he used his new toy on me

Hitting again and again over different patches of skin

The sting and the bite of the toy made me excited

He switched back to his hand, a more thud like experience

I still had no idea how many times I felt the hit that came with the lovely sound of the impact on my flesh

He got out my corean paddle

Heavy, solid, thick

The cold that touched my skin felt confusing as the pain spread across my ass

Both were so good but conflicting

The shock of cold on heated, pink skin would have made me move away in shock but the impact of the paddle to my backside kept me in place and begging for more

My words did not beg but my actions did

Arching my body out for a better position

The ability to get more hits in, one after another

He brought me over to the couch and pulled it out, making it into a bed and had me climb on it like a pet

He posed me the way he wanted and then got out the rope

Binding my breasts, making them stand up and out as the red rope wrapped around each breast and secured around my ribs

I can tell he is excited but I have not seen him this excited before

This is as kinky as he has ever been

A vanilla slowly entering my world

He took me on my back, enjoying the site of the bondage he had done to me

Sucking on my breasts and squeezing them to change their color

He got more and more excited

Switching me over and taking me from behind he came hard as I found a rhythm and forced him to keep going

Pounding hard and fast, keeping him from thinking and just enjoying them simple sex that came from being tied up

He later untied me, allowing my sensitive breasts to regain their normal pale color

Starting again he bound me, starting from my ankles, my calves, my thighs

Working his way up to my wrists

Binding me

Then slipping inside me again as I lay on my stomach

Wrapping his fist through my hair and trying once again to make me cum




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