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Tonight was the first time I had cooked a large meal in a while

I have missed it, the tools I know, the ingredience I have grown fond of and dancing around the kitchen to the music on my headphones

The ideas flowing through my head as I look at what I have to work with

Potatoes, cream, cheese, meat, sauces I can mix together and an oven waiting for me to turn it on…

So I decided I would share with you what madness I created and pictures as I cooked… always with cleaned hands

I started with the meat, a pork roast and decided I could do so many other things with it…


Cutting off the binding, trimming up any fat, lining the baking dish with the fat and cutting the meat into chunks

Adding spices to the pan


Things like garlic, ginger, white/black pepper, paprika, parsley, lil bit of chili powder, chives and added a few pickled onions I had left over from other meals

Layered the meat over the spices

With the last of the vinegar from the onions I mixed into the jar some spicy mustard, soy sauce, maggi sauce and a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Pouring that sauce over the meat that is sitting over the spices


Cover in tin foil and let sit for at least 30mins

I put it in the oven to keep it out of the way while I started in on cooking other things

Next I took some potatoes and made them soft in the pressure cooker, while those were getting soft I mixed the following to make a sauce

Yogurt, sour cream, milk, swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, salt, garlic and a lil mustard


Used the swirl and … you should have seen the hand gestures I just did asking the hubby what the hell that thing is called…

Ummm… it’s the magic wand that mixes… has rotary blades… did I mention it is handheld?

Fuck I am losing my English and don’t have the French equivalent!! Ah well I took a pic of it!


So I used THAT THING to make everything into a liquid state… as I cackle madly while I type this

Random comment, just took a sip of the drink hubby handed me, did way more than the whiskey face plus shudder and twitch while asking in high pitched voice… did you mix it!!!

Ah the random side to writing a blog about the past while still being in the moment…

Welcome to my world, I aint gonna change now!

So making everything into a liquid state I set that aside and put it in the fridge

Once potatoes were soft and kind of cool to handle, no burning my fingers off!

I sliced them and layered the dish twice, each time adding cheese and…

ooo topping, forgot to mention that… again welcome to my scatter brained world, hope you read this fully before even TRYING to copy me lol

Right, I would have used lardon but they have too much of the type of fat that bothers my gut so instead… I used spam!

Amazingly enough spam doesn’t bother me the same way as lardon or other types of bacon like meat

So I took a lil bit of oil, chopped up the spam small and added some shallots and an onion to a pan, fried it all up and set aside


So yes, where was I…

Layer of potatoes, scatter some of the spam and onion mix, add swiss and then do it a second time using up the last of the supplies

Then you carefully pour the sauce all over top, if you run out of sauce you use a spoon to full in missing areas and then make a smaller second batch of the sauce but leave out the milk, add more salt that the first time and less mustard

I cooked the meat first, slow cooking in the oven for an hour and a half

When the alarm… NOT THE FIRE ALARM… went off I added the potatoes to the oven and cooked both for half an hour at 200

Don’t ask me what those numbers mean in the states I just know what my oven does here

Dinner was great, everyone dug into the potatoes but sadly they needed more cheese than I had on hand

Would have loved some cheddar or red leister … I think that is how you spell it

So yeah that was my dinner, wanted to make a clafoutis for dessert from the frozen fruit we saved from last year’s harvest… but time ran out

Cooked it up and separated the juice to add to that drink I had earlier in the post… the one that made me do the whisky sourpuss face lol

Right… I have written this, I have added the pics, will post then drink a lot, get horny and have sex





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