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    June 2012
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Private Pictures

“Fannies Rule” is an amazing thing to say, knowing that there is something more meaningful behind those words makes it all the better in my mind

The website http://www.fanniesrule.com is there to help woman know their Fanny, give a fun, safe and welcoming group where you can talk about your private parts

Speaking of private, I went to an event called Private Pictures yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it

I arrived late, I had been having some issues with my body and it was very hard for me to walk. My hips had been locking up and the nerves tingling in ways they shouldn’t

Walking slower than I like and getting confused when I got off the bus… damn English roads, they mark the streets when and where they choose…

I arrive, walk in and see the most charming site…

Bath mats on the floor, folded in half and placed for our comfort, some in the most amazing colors and patterns

Art supplies in a lovely pile centered in the room

To the back of the room a table with juice, tea, nibbly bits and room for me to add two more bottles of wine…

High ceiling with lots of lights and windows just as tall offering natural lighting as well as small lamps to better aid in those close up views

There were a number of us woman, different ages, personality, experiences and artistic skill

We chatted, learned about why we were here and for me it was a chance to learn how to express my body in an artistic way, to see how I felt about my lady bits and relax among friends

We then sat in a circle, backs facing each other to offer a bit of privacy while still enjoying the scene of oneness.

A small mirror each and different types of paper and colors to capture what we saw

I have no issues with my fanny, I enjoy people looking at it from the photography I have done or touching it, though I still can’t stand going to the doctors, those visits are just no fun… I like sex much better *grin*

I know that there are many in the world who are told at a young age… no don’t touch there, that’s dirty, that makes wawa (for the love of god why do we treat kids as if they were idiots… I mean honestly… wawa!?) or the more extreme were some people get mutilated for cultural reasons… there is no good reason to harm someone… ever

We also have those in the world with health issues that make us avoid our body and when you deny yourself even the smallest bit of who and what you are, it has an effect over every aspect of your life

In art you find so many wonderful examples of the female form, curves arranged lovingly over chairs, lounging and relaxing or posing in ways to show off the symbol of fertility

The human form is lovely, male or female, large or thin, whole or fragmented… we are living art and should learn to celebrate that instead of morning over the fact that we are not what we think we should be based on how society dictates

Be healthy, love yourself and teach others to do the same

The following are pictures I drew, it is the first time I have worked with charcoal in years and I never had much experience but the focus was not on the artistic skill but the enjoyment of self-discovery

Relax, enjoy, create

I admit I took some artistic license and a few pictures of my fanny are really not exactly what I saw but I really didn’t feel like leaning far back, holding my pussy open and sketching what I saw in the mirror

Instead I drew it as I saw it and added some changes… turning one into a rose and another into something a bit tribal or symbolic

I am thinking that over the summer I will try again to draw what I see and use different artistic mediums to capture my fanny

I really enjoyed the relaxed environment, the music playing, drinking wine and having fun learning my body

I love my fanny, if you have one, learn to love yours

If you don’t have one, learn to love the form and learn to love what you have

We are all different and in ways we are all the same, embrace who you are

Here is the link to the pictures I drew, figuring I could put them all in here but a link would be easier


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