My drawings from Private Pictures Blog

Link to the blog about the following pictures


munchums n crunchums


my lil space with the goodies i horded, will have to get that wine again, i really enjoyed it


even my charcoal had a fanny!!!


my first drawing, attempting at humor, that even stick figure woman have fannies


avoided drawing the body, just fanny, ass and thighs but in the end it looks like people kissing or a peach


first attempt at color, didnt have a lot to choose from but was great fun! wanted to use the mirror to show off what i saw as well as add in what was around me


i tried for more realistic and ended up with a burning bush lol


i just could not get the stick figure people out of my head, so now they have ginger bush too


cause everyone should love some fanny


a bit of artistic license at the end, if you look right a fanny/pussy can look like a flower


all that i made, seems i forgot to take a single pic of the purple and blue fanny, not that my crotch is bruised!! again artistic license lol


the art supplies we used

really it was a great day and if you have the chance to join the fun i highly recommend that you do

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