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    June 2012
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just a very nice afternoon in the fading sun


Time for a Photography Challenge

i am not JUST a pair of “amazing breasts”

there is a lot more to me and one of those things is photography

so that leads me to this question….





took this picture this morning 🙂


its all his fault

who you ask

this guy @Versability 

he made me do it *evil grin*

teased me into it you might say

granted he wont know what he made me do till after i have done it

more fun that way

*evil grin*


starting this month i have decided to dedicate one lucky twitter person to be on my breast

so this being the first of many…

this boobs-2-U @Versability 



Snuggle Buddy vs the Major

Time and again I asked you to come to me

Hold me close and simply be

I want your kisses and I want so much more

But that is not what I have asked you for

We both agreed that night you walked me to the tube

There would be no kisses

There would be no sex

There would only be me in your arms

You are my Snuggle Buddy

We both have complications in our lives and you don’t go for one night stands

I cannot be what you want and the person you want is too far away

I can only be what you need

Someone to hold you cold and just let you be

There is passion, there is lust but I made a promise and I will keep it

Through the night you held me

For the first time in a long time I trusted and could enjoy as an equal

I wanted more

I wanted your lips on mine

I wanted your passion

God I wanted your passion

I felt something for the first time in so many years

I had been thinking that perhaps I was wrong, that passion was not real that I was dead inside and that was the only reason

In you I felt it, I smelled it, I touched it and I wanted more

But passion is not what we agreed on and we did nothing

When you left I cried

Not because I had missed out on something

Not because I was hurt

I cried because I realized that I was right, that there was passion in the world and I would not settle for less

I also realized that the one who inspires so much passion in me will never get to feel it

My Snuggle Buddy and my Major

Two men that inspire in me something that has been sleeping for so long

Neither will get to feel what I have to give

So I cried that I had found people that inspire me

I cried for the passion I had loved and lost in the past

I cried because I remembered

And then I stopped

Healed from my tears and I slept

I cannot have who I want and the one I can touch I choose not to want

Life is complex



Hopeless Romantic

Sitting here listening to music

His sad voice flowing through me and touching me deep in my soul

I should know better than to listen to love songs

I can’t help it

I love the pain I feel inside

That you are so special to me that I let you cause this bitter sweet pain

I should know better

I should find someone out of the many that say they want me

I should hold someone close and kiss them the way I want to kiss you

I should pull them down on me and make love to them the way I want with you

Timid at first




Full of passion

Instead I dream of you

Willing you to see what I have to offer and stop thinking about your fears

When I tell you how the things I want to do to you, I know they are not you, that is the point, they are me

This is who I am

Lips warm and soft, brushing past yours as I have you hold still

Teasing and tempting you with how close I am

Running my hands over your face, learning each curve, each mark, every angle

Training my nails over your skin

Giving in and tasting your lips




This is who I am and you reject me

This is who I am, the hopeless romantic

The fool



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